Football Scout 365



We offer a free platform where you can add your player profile, a highlight tape, and links to social media. We then review your film and apply a grade based on your skillset. 

*All data available to prospective NCAA coaches are also open to the general public at no cost.

Please Read: Important info regarding consent and usage of your information

Football Scout 365 is, at no time is seeking to be a representative of the student-athlete/coach/journalist or prospective Build Your Brand Candidate. This is not an application for employment. Moving forward Football Scout 365 will refer to the consenting individual (student-athlete, coach, journalist, or other) as a prospect. No information shared with Football Scout 365 will be used for anything outside of helping the Prospect build a portfolio that they can send to scouts, recruiters, and coaches, and or future employers. 

Data collected will not be sold to a third party at any time. Registrants who are under the age of 18 must have a parental/legal guardian consent to participate. Football Scout 365 reserves the right to use the prospect's basic professional information provided to us on social media as a way to showcase the prospect to a broader audience. 

The Football Scout 365 Build Your Brand solution is a free solution for those who are looking for more exposure to football scouts, recruiters, coaches, and future employers. Prospects do not receive compensation from Football Scout 365, and Football Scout 365 does not intend to monetize using the prospect's likeness and will not pursue monetization.


*All data available to prospective NCAA coaches are also open to the general public at no cost.


If you (the guardian) wish to allow your child/student-athlete if they are under the age of 18 to participate in this free program, please check the box below and click continue. If you have additional questions please email us anytime. 

Click Here to Email us.  You may also opt-out of the program at any time by emailing us.