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2018 AFC East Offensive Line Spend Analysis and Raw Stats Rankings (Sorted by Win Total).


2018 AFC East Champ: Patriots

We have already reviewed the Patriots in prior analyses pointing out that they spent well below both the league average and ranked in the six wins or less category for their entire offensive line in 2018. The Patriots also ranked 3rd among all NFL teams raw stats performance metric. The Patriots were the outlier in terms of spend (26th) v. raw stats performance ranking (3rd) differential among all NFL teams. The Patriots are known to be an outlier in a lot of facets, and they are the best team in the NFL when it comes to identifying talent and getting them for less. Once the off-season has ended, and all signings are final we can begin to take a look at the how they are trending in terms of offensive line spending against their total cap. We do know that one thing is certain, the Patriots are the front runner in the East regardless of this metric.

The rest of the AFC East ranks right at the six wins or less average, with an 11% offensive line spend average. The Jets topped the offensive line spending in the AFC East at 15% of their 2018 cap and had the most experienced offensive line (314) in the east.

Current Patriots OL on Roster Combined Player Rank

Top Five Paid OL On Current 2019 Roster


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