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2018 AFC North Offensive Line Spend Analysis and Raw Stats Rankings (Sorted by Win Total).


2018 AFC North Champ: Ravens


Baltimore has parted ways with Joe Flacco (Denver), fully cementing Lamar Jackson as the starter in 2019. The Ravens promoted Greg Roman to offensive coordinator replacing Marty Mornhinweg who has been the coordinator the last three seasons. Roman Coordinated the Ravens run game the previous two seasons improving from 28th in the NFL in rushing in 2016, to 11th in rushing in 2017, to second in the league in rushing in 2018.

The Raven's success in 2019 will begin with the offensive line and run game. Greg Roman who coached two spread style players Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick) in San Francisco as OC under Johns Brother Jim. I will not dive too far into the details about how great a job Roman did with Kaepernick, but once Harbaugh and Roman departed the 49ers, Kaepernick began his decline.

The Ravens spent 12% of their total cap space on their offensive line in 2018 which ranked last in spending in the AFC North. The Ravens offensive line ranked 6th overall in the league in raw stats performance which ranked them atop the AFC North. Similar to the Patriots above the Ravens spent less on their offensive line than everyone else in their division ranking them between the six wins or less, and 7-9 wins average spend. Similar to the Patriots the Ravens are great at scouting, development and their front office has done a great job keeping cost low in key areas freeing up cap space to improve different parts of their roster.

Current Ravens OL on Roster Combined Player Rank

Top Five Paid OL On Current 2019 Roster


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