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2018 AFC West Offensive Line Spend Analysis and Raw Stats Rankings (Sorted by Win Total).


2018 AFC West Champ: Chiefs


The Chiefs took a huge step towards reaching the Super Bowl 2018-19 season, but The Patriots changed those reservations in the most Patriot way possible in the AFC Championship. Mahomes is the real deal, but the clock will soon run out on his rookie deal, and the Chiefs will likely need to sign Mahomes the top QB deal in the league potentially eliminating future cap space, forcing the Chiefs to make tough decisions when resigning players at different positions.

The 2018 salary cap of $177.2 Mil has increased to $188.2 Mil in 2019. The Chiefs 2018 offensive line spend (16%) tied for 1st in their division (Chargers) and 10th in the NFL. The Chiefs ranked 5th in the league and 1st in their division in offensive line raw performance stats. The Chiefs total offensive line ranking 6th (39.5) among the eight division champions measured. The Chiefs ranked well above the ten wins or more league OL spending average. The AFC West average OL spend ranked above the 7-9 wins average while the division averaged 8.5 wins in 2018.

The Chiefs return their two top offensive linemen from 2018 (Mitchell Schwartz RT, Cameron Erving G). Their total spending for their top 5 paid offensive lineman as of today ($34.5 mil) roughly $6.5 mil more than in 2018.

Current Chiefs OL on Roster Combined Player Rank

Top Five Paid OL On Current 2019 Roster


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