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(Coming Soon) 2018 College Football Power Five Preview: Spring Edition Analyzes Good v. Good.

This exercise will help us identify how well teams perform on both sides of the football (offense and defense), against AP top 25 opponents. We can use the team data in collaboration with our player data to identify what teams return the most production for the upcoming season, allowing us to get a better idea of what teams are likely to win a conference title or play for a national title.

Football Scout 365 will analyze one team per day for the next few months. The teams will be examined in alphabetical order. At the end of the analysis, we can project a preseason top 10 and the teams we believe have the best shot to play in the College football playoff.

Items that we intend to include in our report are:

  • Previous year overall record

  • Previous year record against AP top 25 opponnents

  • Returning starters

  • Returning offensive Starters

  • Returning defensive Starters

  • NFL draft analysis

  • Head Coach and Coordinator analysis

  • Previous three year recruiting analysis

  • 247 sports total talent rating

  • Football Scout 365 Key Stats against AP top 25 opponents only

  • Player production returning and lost against AP top 25 opponents


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