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2018 NFC East Offensive Line Spend Analysis and Raw Stats Rankings (Sorted by Win Total).


2018 NFC East Champ: Cowboys


The Dallas Cowboys were able to win a non-competitive division title in 2018 with a beat up and injured offensive line. The Cowboys OL spending ranked led the NFL in total dollars spent and tied with the Eagles at 20% total against their cap. The NFC East average OL spending (16%) led the NFL. The Giants had the lowest OL spend in the NFC East at (9%). Though the Cowboys ranked atop the NFL in total OL spending they had the 31st ranked offensive line raw stats, placing them in the basement of their division in 2018. By comparison, the Redskins OL (14% OL Spend) ranked 21st in the league, the Giants 23rd, and the Eagles led the NFC East at 16th in raw stats OL performance.

The NFC East averaged 22.75 total offensive line performance (last among all other divisions) and averaged 16% OL spend (tied with NFC South). The difference between the NFC East and South spend is that the average ranking in the NFC South is 12th compared to the East at 22.75.

The Cowboys “changed” OL coaches mid-season 2018 from Paul Alexander to Marc Columbo. The change appeared to have affected as the Cowboys won seven of their last eight games following the move. If the Cowboys remain healthy this season, they return the nucleus of their offensive line from a year ago. They have some contracts that will end in 2020 (Collins and Looney) making it a wise move to draft a guy now to a rookie deal to save cap space. The current top five offensive linemen by cap spend on the current Cowboys roster total $52.6 Mil in 2019 by themselves.

Current Cowboys OL on Roster Combined Player Rank

Top Five Paid OL On Current 2019 Roster


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