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2018 NFC North Offensive Line Spend Analysis and Raw Stats Rankings (Sorted by Win Total).


2018 NFC North Champ: Bears


Chicago were the Kings of the NFC North in 2018. Head Coach Matt Nagy (Former Chiefs OC) Has transformed the once putrid Bears offense into one of the best in the NFL. The Bears Offensive line spending in 2018 (14% of their total cap) led ranked 2nd to the Packers in their division with a raw stats rank of 8th in the NFL and tops in the NFC North. By comparison, the Packers led the NFC North in OL spending and were 3rd in the NFL with a raw stats performance rank of 29. The NFC North average OL Spending ranked right at the league average (13%), with a raw stats ranking of 17.5.

The top five individual offensive line spend among players on the current Bears roster stands at ($21.6 Mil) with their core nucleus returning from 2018.

Current Bears OL on Roster Combined Player Rank

Top Five Paid OL On Current 2019 Roster


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