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2018 NFL Draft TOP 15 defensive Players as of 3/20

There are a lot of different methods used by scouts and analyst alike when creating a list of top players. With that said, because the site just opened up for business a few weeks ago, we wanted to create some content for this years NFL draft and have some data points in place as we move forward to next year.

This year we chose to use several measurements beginning with the pre draft combine rankings, post combine scores such as 40-yard dash, bench, and three-cone drill, and then mixing in our subjective analysis based on skills we identified as positional based skills. We scored each player with either a + or - within each positional skill set based on position.

Our goal in 2018 is to analyze the top prospects using our every play analysis throughout the 2018 college football season and delivering a far more advanced and thorough analysis for the 2019 NFL draft.

There will be updates to the list based on pro day performances.

In the meantime here is the inaugural FS365 NFL Draft top 15 players on defense.

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