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2018 NFL Offensive Line Spend and Performance Rankings Compares Performance Ranking to Total Spend.

In our initial offensive line spend analysis we examined total team offensive line spend and raw stats performance of the two Super Bowl LIII participants (Rams and Patriots). Both teams were ranked in the top ten as far as raw stats performance (Patriots 3rd, Rams 9th). The Rams and Patriots offensive line Spend varied with the Patriots ranking 26th in total spend and 3rd in raw stats performance while the Rams ranked 8th in spend and 9th in raw stats performance.

The Patriots are the outlier based on their lower offensive line Spend ranking (26th) v. Raw Stats Performance (3rd). The opposite of the Patriots is the Dallas Cowboys who ranked atop the NFL in offensive line spend but ranked 31st in raw stats performance. The worst offensive line spending in the league belongs to the Arizona Cardinals who ranked 28th in raw performance yet they outperformed the Dallas Cowboys in raw performance by three spots.

Comparison overview offensive line spend for the teams discussed above.

All Teams Offensive Line Spend and Performance Rankings.

We filtered by total performance ranking.


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