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2019 College Football Playoff Preview LSU vs Oklahoma

We examined both College Football Playoff games using our Situational Analysis and Offensive and Defensive Efficiency Measures.

LSU Offense vs Oklahoma Defense

Three Keys: LSU Offense vs Oklahoma Defense

  1. Pressure on Burrow: Burrow is a dynamic player vs. pressure. He has a great ability to sidestep pressure keeping his eyes down the field. Burrow completes 79% of his passes when clean and 55% when under pressure. Oklahoma ranks 28th nationally in Havoc Rate defense. They will need to find a way to get to Burrow.

  2. LSU Run Game: The Tigers will need to find a way to remain effective in their run game if Clyde Edwards-Helaire is not at 100% health. Oklahoma LB Kenneth Murray will be a sideline to sideline player to watch against the LSU run game.

  3. Joe Burrow Right Side Dominance: Joe Burrow throws the football to the right side and the middle of the field at a near combined 90% rate. Oklahoma will need to find a way to take advantage of this tendency. Burrow throws left 10% of the time.

Oklahoma Offense vs LSU Defense

Three Keys: Oklahoma Offense vs LSU Defense

  1. LSU Man Defense: The LSU defense will be in for a long evening if they plan to play a lot of man coverage vs. Jaylen Hurts. When DB's turn away from Hurts, he will tuck and run it 70% of the time. Jaylen Hurts ranked 3rd nationally in QBR (202.3) right behind Joe Burrow (203.0). He has thrown for 3347 yds, 31 TD’s and 6 INT’s, while also rushing 196 times for 1217 yds and 18 TDs.

  2. Ceedee Lamb: More than 50% of his receiving yards are yards after the catch. He ranks 2nd in the nation among all WR's in forced missed tackles. Whoever is covering Lamb, they will need to be able to tackle him in space, another red flag for an LSU defense that likes to run man to man.

  3. Oklahoma Run Game: Jaylen Hurts represents the Oklahoma run game. Everything centers around his ability to run and set up RPO, and play-action passes off of his running ability. LSU will need to find a way to spy Hurts, especially if they are playing predominantly man to man defense.


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