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2019 Situational Analysis Comparison: 2019 Jalen Hurts VS 2018 Kyler Murray

After three weeks Jalen Hurts has become the leader in the 2019 Heisman Trophy race. Through three games he has posted an 80% completion rate, 880 yds passing, with nine passing TDs and 0 INT. He has also rushed for 373 yds with four more TD's on the ground and a 9.8 yds per run average.

Through three weeks, Hurts has averages 12.12 yds per play (run or pass). In 2018 Kyler Murray averaged 9.36 yds per combined rush and pass attempt. Hurts is nearly three yds better than Murray from 2018. The sample size is small, but there are no signs of weakness in this Oklahoma offense.

Hurts will likely regress down to earth as the schedule gets tougher, but if Hurt's hedges near or above the averages of Kyler Murray from 2018 he has the highest chance of becoming the third transfer QB in three years to win the Heisman Trophy.


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