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2020 NFL Draft: 1st Round Mock Draft 1.0 Picks 10-1

Projecting the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft using our Team Needs Analysis and identifying the best available player based on draft position. The NFL Draft is all about drafting the best value to fill a position of need.

The Process

We use a combination of our internal player rankings, composite player rankings to match the best available fit based on the needs of each team.

No Trades

We are not using a trade thought process, but in some cases, we pick the best fit, assuming that a trade might be needed to get a particular player that would fit a team need.

Instant Impact Value

Instant impact value includes the players in the draft who can make an impact immediately, whether its a position of need or not. A great example is Saquan Barkley, who when drafted, made an immediate impact. Barkley is a high-level example and a generational talent and not every instant impact player is a generational type. A non-generational example might be the impact that Devin Bush had at MLB for the Steelers a season ago. Instant Impact can also be attributed to the team a player joins. For example; If CeeDee Lamb joins the Chiefs we can assume right away he would be an instant impact player. This process is mostly a subjective way of categorizing each player.

Long Term Value

We are weighing the long term value when making our picks. For example, in a WR heavy draft, it might be wiser to pick an IOL or T in round one to fill a need for the long term, especially for teams who have a franchise QB already in place. Long Term Value players are those who we believe can produce at a consistent level for 8-10 years in the NFL.

Potential Upside

Coaches and GM's love to draft players with high upside that they believe can develop. These players are higher risk values. These players might have been high level in college but may lack the consistency needed to become a long term value in the NFL.

Picks 10-1

10. Cleveland OT MEKHI BECTON, LOUISVILLE Long Term Value

Team Needs Assessment Primary Needs: T, IOL, LB

Cleveland needs to fix the offensive line from the inside out. They also have needs on defense. The Browns need to upgrade at LB and depth is needed on the defensive line.

9. Jacksonville T ANDREW THOMAS, GEORGIA Long Term Value

Team Needs Assessment Primary Needs: DL, T, IOL Jacksonville needs help upfront. The question mark is if they believe that Cam Robinson will develop into the player they thought he could become. They can use a lot of help on defense at all three levels.

8. Arizona WR JERRY JEUDY, ALABAMA Instant Impact Value

Team Needs Assessment Primary Needs: T, IOL, DL

The Cardinals need to protect their long term investment at QB. They should draft an Offensive lineman in this spot, but it might prove too challenging to pass on one of the top WR's in this draft. The Cardinals need help at every position.

7. Carolina DT DERRICK BROWN, AUBURN Potential Upside

Team Needs Assessment Primary Needs: IOL, CB, T The Panthers need a lot of help. The offensive line will be a priority in this draft. Whoever they have at QB needs to be protected. The defense needs depth and talent upfront so it wouldn't be a surprise if they go after a DT in round one.

6. LA Chargers QB JUSTIN HERBERT, OREGON Potential Upside

Team Needs Assessment Primary Needs: QB, T, IOL Philip Rivers is on the way out, so te obvious pick at this spot is QB assuming Herbert, or Tua is available you can expect the Chargers to go this route. They will need to also draft IOL, and T to protect their investment.

5. Miami QB TUA TAGOVAILOA, ALABAMA Potential Upside

Team Needs Assessment Primary Needs: QB, IOL, EDGE

Miami will draft Tua if available in this spot, or will they? Tua is not guaranteed to play in year one so the Dolphins might need to ride with Ryan Fitzpatrick for a year to assure Tua is 100%. Regardless of who is at QB, the Dolphins need help up front.

4. NY Giants T TRISTAN WIRFS, IOWA Long Term Value

Team Needs Assessment Primary Needs: T, EDGE, LB The Giants need to draft a tackle, or two. They also need to fix their secondary on a defense that ranked 30th in 20+ yard plays allowed and in the bottom third of our 2019 defensive HIP Rate.

3. Detroit LB/S ISAIAH SIMMONS, CLEMSON Instant Impact Value

Team Needs Assessment Primary Needs: EDGE, LB CB

The Lions need to improve all three levels of their defense. CB's opposite of Slay needs to be upgraded. The LB position has underperformed the last two years. They are in great spot and rumors have been spun that they have interest in Tua, others believe they go with the best CB in this draft cycle (Jeff Okudah), but after Isaiah Simmons combine performance it might be too difficult to pass on his versatile ability.

2. Washington EDGE CHASE YOUNG, OSU Instant Impact Value

Team Needs Assessment Primary Needs: T, WR, EDGE The player most draft pundits think is the best in this draft cycle is Chase Young and it is hard to argue. But the Redskins have floated the possibility of moving on from Haskins and Pursuing Tua Tagovailoa. They have needs on the OL, and at WR.

1. Cincinnati QB JOE BURROW, LSU Instant Impact Value

Team Needs Assessment Primary Needs: QB, IOL, DL

The most obvious pick in this draft is Joe Burrow. The Bengals are moving on from Andy Dalton, but they have a lot of needs. Whoever is at QB needs protection so the Bengals will have to improve their offensive line. The Defensive line also needs depth.


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