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2020 NFL Draft: Every Teams Final Grades According to Best Value

2020 NFL Draft Team Grades

Grading the NFL Draft

We are looking at all variables when grading every team's draft from the top three picks, their value, and how many picks fill team needs and the overall value of the team's draft.

Overall Value Measure

Overall draft value is an important measure because it takes the total number of picks for every team and allows us to compare who they picked, where they were picked based on round, and what team need was fulfilled or not fulfilled and the total number of FS365 top 100 Big Board players the team acquired

Other Factors to Be Considered

Other variables such as mid/late-round value picks will be considered and can help elevate a teams grade to a plus grade, for example, A+ for a team that drafts three high impact players and quality value at every other position, or an A- for a team that drafts two instant impact players, one potential upside player and several developmental prospects in the mid to late rounds. This can be subjective at times, or it can be very cut and dry, but the process does provide easy to understand dialogue when grading a player.

Ranking Based on Total Value Explained

Our value-based NFL Draft rankings try to avoid as much subjective analysis as possible by ranking teams based on how many top 100 players they drafted according to the FS365 NFL Draft Big Board rankings. We included other variables such as team needs filled and whether a team drafted way off the reservation of team needs, or the best available player using our rankings.

Green Bay's 2020 NFL Draft Ranks Last in Value

The best example we can use concerning an organization that decided to go off of the reservation is the Green Bay Packers, who not only traded up a few spots in the late first round, they traded up and drafted a QB (Jordan Love). The reason the Packers would get a bad mark for this decision is apparent, they already have Aaron Rogers, and they have team needs such as WR, TE, OL, LB and there were some high-level players available at each of these positions that would have made a lot more sense. The Green Bay Packers had nine picks in the 2020 NFL draft and only managed to snag one top 100 player according to the FS365 Big Board Rankings (11%), which ranked dead last in value and earned them a C- grade in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The Cleveland Browns Ranked 1st in Value

Many people joked that if anyone had an internet failure during the virtual draft, it would be the most Browns thing ever. The joke is on us as the Browns drafted five top 100 players according to the FS365 Big Board of their seven total draft picks (71%). The Browns ranked first in Total Draft Value.

Miami Had the Highest Total Of Top 100 Picks

The Dolphins rank at the top of all teams having 11 total picks with six total top 100 picks, according to the FS365 Big Board (55%).


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