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2021 NFL Draft QB Rankings Re-Evaluated

As we move through the pro days and hear the noise of outlandish forty times and verticals through the roof, I have personally gone through and done more research on every position. I started with the offense and the QB position, and I have completed the updated rankings for the QB position.

The Football Scout 365 Big Board

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After Further Review NFL Draft Edition On YouTube

You can check out our Football Scout 365 After Further Review NFL Draft Edition on Youtube. We have five shows so far, three covering the QB position where I break down and connect the dots between player skillset and what the player displays on film in relation to such buzzwords like arm talent, arm angle, pocket presence etc. Stay tuned for more episodes with the RB's, WR's and TE's being reviewed next.

2021 NFL Draft QB Rankings

Okay, so let's dive into the QB rankings;

1) Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence 6-6 220 lbs Instant Impact Player

Trevor Lawrence has been the projected consensus number one pick in the 2021 NFL draft since the 2019 season. Lawrence is as close to a sure thing we have seen since Andrew Luck at the QB position. Lawrence possesses the physical gifts and leadership ability needed to excel at a high level in the NFL.

2) Ohio State QB Justin Fields 6-3 223 lbs Instant Impact Player

Fields displayed some inconsistent play in 2020, but we have to consider that Ohio State had several games canceled, and the Big Ten's stringent Covid-19 protocols being a factor in how a team can practice and how that might play a role. Fields put on a show against Clemson in the CFP Semifinal, showing the elite level accuracy that was consistent in 2019. He is a near-lock for the number two overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

3) BYU QB Zach Wilson 6-3 210 lbs Instant Impact Player

Wilson has been stellar in 2020 following an injury-riddled 2019 season. He is catching a lot of buzz in 2020 due to his high level of play. But the competition he has faced is not on the level of Lawrence or Justin Fields, which is why I was not as high on him. Times have changed, and after further review of his player skillset and watching his tape, I have warmed up to Wilson's upside and potential.

4) Alabama QB Mac Jones 6-3 217 lbs Potential Upside Player

Mac Jones had the highest QBR vs. top 25 opponents among all QB’s with at least 100 pass attempts since 2014. (To qualify, the player must start 75% of his team's games). Mac Jones had a fantastic season in 2020. Jones ascension up NFL draft boards, earning a potential first-round projection from a lot of scouts. Jones is a pure pocket passer with good mobility. He is an anticipatory thrower who identifies the opening in coverage and leads his receivers to that spot. Jones doesn't wow you with his physique, and he won't wow anyone with arm strength, but it is his ability to go through his progressions and find the open man while navigating the pocket that sets him apart. Jones will not wow anyone with off-platform throws or wild adlibbing, but in a prostyle system that involves timing and rhythm passing, he can excel.

5) NDSU QB Trey Lance 6-3 224 lbs Potential Upside Player

Trey lance is an exceptional athlete who possesses excellent deep-ball accuracy. What Lance doesn't show a lot of on film is his short to intermediate accuracy, and that's an area that he might need time to develop. Lance is not a scheme-dependent player; he can fit in any system and excel more in a play-action-based offense. When compared to other prospects, Lance lacks reps. He played one game in 2020, with 2019 being his only full season as a starter. More repetition in camps and practice at the NFL level might help develop Lance's high ceiling.

6) Florida QB Kyle Trask 6-5 239 lbs Developmental

Trask was on a Joe Burrow pace this season, and his rise has been notable. He improved his downfield accuracy year over year and is a very smart player. Trask fits the mold of a more traditional player at the next level. He is not as athletic as the top 3 QB's on our board, but he has adequate athleticism. On film, Trask shows NFL-level traits, he has good pocket presence and awareness, but like Trey Lance, he lacks reps. Trask did not start a game after his freshman year in high school until he arrived in Gainesville. A player who waited his turn and didn't transfer, Trask makes you wonder how much more upside he possesses as he gets more reps.

7) Stanford QB Davis Mills 6-4 222 lbs Developmental

A late discovery by Football Scout 365, Mills shows you a little bit of everything on his tape, both good and bad. The good that he does show is very good. His short and intermediate accuracy rank highly; he can operate beautifully in the pocket, he displays nice touch and a quick release. His throwing motion is consistent, compact, and damn near perfect. Where he struggled on film is his deep accuracy and, at times, his decision-making.

8) Texas A&M QB Kellen Mond 6-3 205 lbs Developmental

Kellen Mond is a guy who often looks a bit robotic in the pocket, he possesses underrated athleticism, and he plays tough in the pocket. Mond is a guy unafraid to take a hit to make the throw, and he can do it accurately. He struggled early in his career on deep throws, but he made improvements. He is a developmental player at the next level who possesses NFL traits.

9) Mississippi State QB K.J. Costello 6-5 222 lbs Developmental

Costello transferred from Stanford and arrived in Starkville, making a splash in 2020 early on in the air raid offense. He ended 2020 on a not-so-hot trend. Still, Costello has a lot of good traits that can translate at the NFL level. He can complete throws at all levels; he can sidestep pressure in the pocket. He is not a player that will create with his legs, but he has adequate ability to move away from pressure. Decision-making must improve, and he tends to force throws while under pressure.

10) Northwestern QB Peyton Ramsey 6-2 205 lbs Developmental

Peyton Ramsey has played a lot of football, 41 games, and 32 starts. The Former Indiana QB transferred to Northwestern in 2020, where he started in 9 games and immediately impacted the Northwestern offense positively. Ramsey has decent size at 6-2, 220 lbs. He has the adequate arm strength and lacks arm talent. He excels in an RPO scheme and can create with legs, often excelling in off-script situations. Ramsey is a highly competitive player with a lot of experience.


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