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2022 NFL Draft: RB Positional Rankings, Final Grades, Ceiling Grades, Advanced Stats, and Analysis

As we move closer to the 2022 NFL Draft, we have to finalize our positional rankings. We have watched the film, monitored the Senior Bowl and the combine, and now it's time to complete the analysis. Below, you can find our player positional grades, including our final grades, ceiling grades, and where each player ranks on the current NFL Draft Big Board.

NFL Draft Big Board and Player Profiles

Updated NFL Player Grade Scale

After Further Review NFL Draft Edition (YouTube)

Three Critical Factors

Positional Ranking By Final Grade

The final grade represents the level of the immediate impact we project a player can make in their first year.

  1. Kenneth Walker MSU III High-End Starter Potential

  2. Breece Hall IAST High-End Starter Potential

  3. Isaiah Spiller TA&M Solid Starter Potential

  4. Zamir White UGA Solid Starter Potential

  5. Rachaad White ASU Solid Starter Potential

Positional Ranking by Ceiling Grade

The ceiling grade projects the highest level of potential we believe a prospect can reach once they have developed their skills at the NFL level. If a player enters the NFL with a developmental grade (1-3 years development) with a ceiling of projected high-end starter, we believe that the prospect has the potential to reach their projected ceiling if in the right situation within 1-3 years. The projected time frame might vary based on a player's final grade and film review.

  1. Kenneth Walker MSU III High-End Starter Potential

  2. Breece Hall IAST High-End Starter Potential

  3. Rachaad White ASU High-End Starter Potential

  4. Isaiah Spiller TA&M round Solid Starter Potential

  5. Dameon Pierce FLA Solid Starter Potential

Player Ranking By Yards After Contact

Measuring total yards after first contact

Player Ranking by Forced Missed Tackle Rate

Elusive running, forced missed tackle rate

Player Ranking by Total Number Of Passing Targets

The top targeted RB's in the pass game in 2021

RB Versatility

More than a RB, # OF pass plays in the slot/wide

Play Style/Scheme Fit

Player style and scheme fit

Football Scout 365 Big Board Ranking

  1. 38th Kenneth Walker III MSU 1st-2nd round

  2. 40th Breece Hall IAST 1st-2nd round

  3. 64nd Zamir White UGA 2nd-5th round

  4. 73rd Isaiah Spiller TA&M 2nd-4th round

  5. 77th Rachaad White ASU 2nd-5th round

Three To Watch

Three players to keep an eye on that possess high ceiling potential


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