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Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud 2023 NFL Draft Profile

Name: C.J. Stroud

Position: Quarterback

College: Ohio State

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 214 lbs

NFL Draft Profile

C.J. Stroud is the current favorite to be the top pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. He boasts a well-rounded skill set, with a high football IQ, impressive mechanics, and above-average physical attributes. in this analysis, we examine Stroud's abilities, from his decision-making and arm strength to his speed and agility. We then examine his play style, scheme fit and player comparisons.

High Football IQ: An Understanding of Defenses

Stroud is known for his excellent understanding of defensive schemes and his natural ability to make reads and adjustments pre-snap. He is always aware of what the defense is trying to do, and he can quickly identify their weaknesses. This allows him to make the right decisions and minimize turnovers. Stroud's quick processing speed is also an asset, as he can analyze a defense and make a play in a split second.

Mechanics: Sound and Consistent

Mechanics are essential for any quarterback, and Stroud's are fundamentally sound. He has a compact and quick release, allowing him to deliver the ball accurately and efficiently. His footwork is consistent and efficient, which helps him maintain a strong base in the pocket. Stroud also demonstrates the ability to move through progressions smoothly, even under pressure, staying poised in the pocket.

Arm Strength: Above Average

Stroud has above-average arm strength, making him capable of making all the throws required at the NFL level. He can stretch the field vertically, delivering deep passes with ease, and has the velocity to fit throws into tight windows. His arm strength is a valuable asset in the modern NFL, where quarterbacks are often required to make tight-window throws under pressure.

Arm Angles: Versatile Throwing Ability

Stroud displays a versatile throwing ability by adapting his arm angles to accommodate different situations. He can throw from various platforms, completing passes even when under duress or on the move. This allows him to make plays on the fly, extending the play when the pocket breaks down and creating opportunities where none existed.

Three-Level Accuracy: Impressive Ball Placement

Stroud's accuracy is impressive at all three levels of the field. He possesses excellent ball placement while exhibiting precise short, intermediate, and deep ball accuracy. He can change his throw pace without sacrificing accuracy, allowing him to make accurate throws even when the defense is trying to disrupt the timing of the play. Stroud can throw with anticipation, allowing receivers to make plays after the catch.

Speed: Above-Average

Stroud's above-average speed is a valuable asset in today's NFL, where quarterbacks are often required to extend plays with their legs. With a reported 40-yard dash time of around 4.74 seconds, he can gain yards on the ground when the pocket collapses or designed runs are called. Stroud's speed adds another dimension to his game, making him more challenging to defend.

Agility: Maintaining Balance and Vision

Stroud's agility is above average. He can sidestep oncoming rushers, maintain his balance, and keep his eyes downfield. He is not a highly elusive runner, but he is effective enough to force defenses to defend all eleven. His agility allows him to keep the play alive when things break down, creating opportunities for his teammates.

Play Style and Scheme Fit: A Pro-Style Quarterback

Stroud is a pro-style quarterback who can thrive in various offensive schemes. His skills as a pocket passer and his ability to make plays with his legs make him a versatile option for teams. Stroud's experience in Ohio State's high-powered offense should translate well to a modern NFL offense incorporating spread concepts with play-action


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