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2024 NFL Draft: Measuring Positional Value

The 2024 NFL Draft is swiftly approaching, and we are meticulously analyzing each NFL team to pinpoint their specific needs. This process involves a thorough evaluation of the talent available in the draft, helping to determine which positions teams are likely to prioritize early on.

Our analysis provides a detailed breakdown of players rated on the Football Scout 365 NFL Draft board. The objective is to map out the distribution of players by position, assess the average grade for each position group, and then align this information with the projected 2024 team needs across the NFL.

Overview of the Analysis: 2024 NFL Draft: Measuring Positional Value

Considering the abundant talent in positions such as Wide Receiver (WR), Cornerback (CB), and Offensive Tackle (OT), teams needing to strengthen these areas have the flexibility to use their highest draft picks on them. However, the situation is more challenging for teams desperately in need of a Quarterback (QB). These teams may need a more strategic approach, possibly considering trades or exploring free agency options.

Team Needs Analysis

Frequent needs across NFL teams include:

  • Edge Defenders (EDGE)

  • Cornerbacks (CB)

  • Wide Receivers (WR)

  • Offensive Tackles (OT)

  • Interior Defensive Linemen (IDL)

Teams looking to bolster their defensive line should prioritize these positions early in the draft due to high quality and limited depth. Conversely, for positions with less demand, such as Safety (S), Linebacker (LB), and Running Back (RB), the strategy may involve a mix of selecting the best available talent and addressing specific team needs, particularly in the mid to late rounds of the draft.

Percentage Of Player Graded By Position Group

Most Represented Positions: Wide Receivers (15.32%), Quarterbacks (11.29%), and Cornerbacks (10.48%) have the highest representation.

Highest Average Grades: Offensive Tackles (65.27), Wide Receivers (65.58), and Cornerbacks (65.92) show high average grades, indicating quality talent.

  • Wide Receivers (WR): 15.32%

  • Quarterbacks (QB): 11.29%

  • Cornerbacks (CB): 10.48%

  • Safeties (S): 9.68%

  • Running Backs (RB): 8.87%

  • Offensive Tackles (OT): 8.06%

  • Tight Ends (TE): 8.06%

  • Linebackers (LB): 8.06%

  • Edge Defenders (ED): 7.26%

  • Interior Defensive Linemen (IDL): 6.45%

Average Grade By Position Group

High-Value Positions: Given the high demand and strong talent pool, positions like WR, CB, and OT may hold significant value in this draft.

Moderate-Value Positions: QB, despite being essential, may not be as highly valued given the lower overall grade and fewer teams needing them.

Lower-Value Positions: Positions with either less demand or weaker talent pools, like TE or LB, might be lower in draft value.

ED (Edge Defender): 66.07

  • Laiatu Latu, UCLA

  • Grade: 66.88

  • Ceiling: High-End Starter Potential

IDL (Interior Defensive Lineman): 66.02

  • T'Vondre Sweat, Texas

  • Grade: 68.57

  • Ceiling: High-End Starter Potential

CB (Cornerback): 65.92

  • Cooper DeJean, Iowa

  • Grade: 75.31

  • Ceiling: Elite

WR (Wide Receiver): 65.58

  • Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State

  • Grade: 75.32

  • Ceiling: Elite

S (Safety): 62.67

  • Kamren Kinchens, Miami

  • Grade: 68.44

  • Ceiling: High-End Starter Potential

OT (Offensive Tackle): 65.27

  • Joe Alt, Notre Dame

  • Grade: 77.82

  • Ceiling: Elite

TE (Tight End): 63.09

  • Brock Bowers, Georgia

  • Grade: 75.38

  • Ceiling: Elite

RB (Running Back): 62.92

  • TreVeyon Henderson, Ohio State

  • Grade: 66.00

  • Ceiling: High-End Starter Potential

QB (Quarterback): 62.24

  • Caleb Williams, USC

  • Grade: 73.82

  • Ceiling: Near Elite

LB (Linebacker): 61.57

  • Edgerrin Cooper, Texas A&M

  • Grade: 61.56

  • Ceiling: Mid-Level Starter Potential

IOL (Interior Offensive Lineman): 61.36

  • Jackson Powers-Johnson, Oregon State

  • Grade: 62.18

  • Ceiling: Mid-Level Starter Potential

Averages by Conference

Big Ten: High representation and quality (Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, 75.3 grade).

SEC: Notably strong players (Brock Bowers, TE, 75.3 grade).

Other conferences: Notable talent like Joe Alt, OT, with a 77.8 grade.

BIG TEN Conference:

  • Percentage of Players: 30.65%

  • Average Grade for BIG TEN Players: Approximately 63.25

Top-Graded Player: Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State (WR)

  • Grade: 75.3

  • Ceiling: Elite

SEC Conference:

  • Percentage of Players: 20.97%

  • Average Grade for SEC Players: Approximately 64.10

Top-Graded Player: Brock Bowers, Georgia (TE)

  • Grade: 75.3

  • Ceiling: Elite

ACC Conference:

  • Percentage of Players: 18.55%

  • Average Grade for ACC Players: Approximately 63.69

Top-Graded Player: Keon Coleman, Florida State (WR)

  • Grade: 75.1

  • Ceiling: Elite

PAC 12 Conference:

  • Percentage of Players: 18.55%

  • Average Grade for PAC 12 Players: Approximately 62.31

Top-Graded Player: Caleb Williams, USC (QB)

  • Grade: 73.8

  • Ceiling: Near Elite

BIG 12 Conference:

  • Percentage of Players: 10.48%

  • Average Grade for BIG 12 Players: Approximately 62.69

Top-Graded Player: T'Vondre Sweat, Texas (IDL)

  • Grade: 68.5

  • Ceiling: High-End Starter Potential

Other Conferences:

  • Percentage of Players: 5.65%

  • Average Grade for Players from Other Conferences: Approximately 64.47

Top-Graded Player: Joe Alt, Notre Dame (OT)

  • Grade: 77.8

  • Ceiling: High-End Starter Potential

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