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2024 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Top 5 Tight Ends | Pre NFL Combine

We are entering the next stage of the NFL Draft player rankings process. As always, I start with the top 5 quarterbacks (QB), top 5 running backs (RB), top 10 wide receivers (WR), and the top 5 tight ends (TE) before diving into the updated offensive line and top ten defender grades.

We evaluate every player using a proprietary grading process that involves film evaluation combined with advanced data. On the back end, our scouting process mirrors the same process deployed by current NFL front-office personnel so that we can deliver the most in-depth player scouting reports available. All of this is currently free (subject to change).

Top 100 NFL Draft Big Board Rankings

Each player scouting report includes:

  • In-depth player scouting report

  • Play Style and Scheme Fit Analysis

  • Player Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Player Comparisons

The Top 5 TE's

The top 5 TE's, according to our updated 2024 NFL Draft Big Board player rankings, ranked ahead of the 2024 NFL Combine.

(1) Brock Bowers, Georgia

Ranking Analysis: Brock Bowers is a versatile, athletic, tight end who can make plays in both the passing and the running game. He has been compared to some of the best tight ends in the NFL, including George Kittle, Travis Kelce, and Darren Waller. Bowers would fit well in a scheme that values athletic, pass-catching tight ends and takes advantage of his abilities in the middle of the field and down the seam.

Draft Projections

  • Projected NFL Draft Round: 1st

  • Consensus Overall Pick #: Top 10 Overall

  • NFL Teams Mocked: Chargers, Broncos, Colts

  • Ceiling: Elite, capable of becoming a cornerstone player for an NFL franchise.

(2) Ja'Tavion Sanders, Texas

Ranking Analysis:  Sanders is a dynamic tight end who excels in a versatile offensive scheme. His ability to line up in multiple positions, including in-line, slot, and even outside, makes him a valuable asset for any team looking for a modern, pass-catching tight end. He's particularly effective in schemes that utilize the tight end as a key weapon in the passing game, leveraging his route-running ability and athleticism to create mismatches.

Draft Projections

  • Projected NFL Draft Round: 2nd-4th Round

  • Consensus Overall Pick #: 40th Overall

  • NFL Teams Mocked: Bengals, Dolphins, Commanders

  • Ceiling: High-End Starter Potential, with the ability to significantly impact the game.

(3) Jaheim Bell, Florida State

Ranking Analysis: Jaheim Bell's role as a versatile H-back or move tight end is underscored by his athleticism and receiving skills. While he shows promise as a receiver, enhancements in contested catches and deep speed are necessary for NFL success. Bell's multifunctional play style, comparable to Hunter Henry and Gerald Everett, presents him as a valuable draft pick with the versatility to fit into numerous offensive formations.

Draft Projections

  • Projected NFL Draft Round: 4th-5th Round

  • Consensus Overall Pick #: NA

  • NFL Teams Mocked: Bengals, Pats, Commanders

  • Ceiling: Mid-Level Starter Potential, with the ability to exceed expectations within a few years.

(4) AJ Barner, Michigan

Ranking Analysis: AJ Barner embodies the traditional tight end archetype with a strong emphasis on blocking and reliable receiving. His fit in pro-style offenses that value a dual-threat tight end suggests a role as a dependable contributor. While Barner may not redefine the tight end position, his solid fundamentals and work ethic could make him a steady presence in the NFL.

Draft Projections

  • Projected NFL Draft Round: 5th-6th Round

  • Consensus Overall Pick #: NA

  • NFL Teams Mocked: Bears, Bengals, Chargers

  • Ceiling: Low-Level Starter Potential, indicating the potential for reliable, if not spectacular, NFL contributions.

(5) Theo Johnson, Penn State

Ranking Analysis: Theo Johnson's versatility as a tight end is highlighted by his receiving prowess and adequate blocking. Drawing comparisons to athletic tight ends like Mark Andrews, Johnson's ability in various offensive roles suggests a promising NFL future. While his blocking requires refinement, Johnson's athleticism and receiving skills make him a notable prospect in the draft.

Draft Projections

  • Projected NFL Draft Round: 4th-6th Round

  • Consensus Overall Pick #: NA

  • NFL Teams Mocked: Bengals, Vikings, Texans

  • Ceiling: Low-Level Starter Potential, with room for development into a more comprehensive role within an NFL offense.


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