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2024 NFL Draft: Scouting Ohio State WR Marvin Harrison Jr.

As we move into the 2024 NFL Draft player analysis before the 2023 college football season, we will provide in-depth scouting reports, film reviews, and more, covering the top players expected to declare for the 2024 NFL Draft.

Each year the evaluation process starts with preliminary evaluations. Some are based on limited film reviews in the early stages; for others, we already have a full four games evaluated or more, and the final grade depends on the prospect's final season of film in college.

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Name: Marvin Harrison Jr.

Position: Wide Receiver

School: Ohio State

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 205 lbs

High School: St. Joseph's Preparatory School

City/State: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

High School Accolades

Overview: Marvin Harrison Jr. stood out at St. Joseph's Prep. He helped lead his team to multiple state championships and earned All-State honors. He was also named to the All-USA Pennsylvania Football Team by USA Today.

Multi-Sport Athlete: Harrison Jr. was not only a football player during his high school years but also played basketball, demonstrating his athleticism and competitiveness across multiple sports.

Family Athletic History: Marvin Harrison Jr. comes from an illustrious football lineage. His father, Marvin Harrison Sr., is a Hall of Fame wide receiver who had a decorated career with the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL.

247 Sports Star Rating: Marvin Harrison Jr. was a 4-star recruit, according to 247 Sports.

National Player Ranking: Harrison Jr. was ranked as the 14th-best wide receiver and the 87th overall player in the nation for the 2021 recruiting class, according to 247 Sports Composite Rankings.

College Offers: Harrison Jr. received numerous college offers from top programs nationwide, including Notre Dame, Michigan, and Penn State, among others. However, he ultimately decided to commit to Ohio State.

High School Summary: Marvin Harrison Jr. is a highly skilled wide receiver with a promising future. He demonstrated his football abilities at St. Joseph's Prep, earning several accolades and drawing the attention of many top-tier college programs. His multi-sport background speaks to his overall athleticism, while his football lineage underscores his innate understanding of the game. As a 4-star recruit and the son of a Hall of Fame receiver, Harrison Jr. has a strong foundation from which to build a successful career in the sport. His decision to commit to Ohio State speaks to his desire to compete at the highest level.

2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Overview: Marvin Harrison Jr. is a skilled wide receiver with an impressive combination of size, hands, and route-running ability. He is considered a top 5 prospect if he declares for the 2024 NFL Draft. The son of Hall of Fame wide receiver Marvin Harrison, Harrison Jr. did not fall far from the tree and possesses the high-level ceiling that could allow him to ascend beyond his father's accomplishments as a player once he is in the NFL.

Speed: While not the fastest receiver in the class, Harrison Jr. possesses functional speed that allows him to be a threat at all levels of the field.

Agility: Harrison Jr.'s agility is a key part of his game. His ability to change direction quickly enables him to create separation in his routes and elude defenders after the catch.

Explosiveness: Harrison Jr. has good explosiveness, especially when releasing off the line of scrimmage. His burst helps him get into his routes quickly and challenge defensive backs deep.

Hands: One of Harrison Jr.'s standout traits is his hands. He possesses an elite catch radius and can play physically through contact, using his frame to box out. His strong hands allow him to win more contested 50/50 battles.

Route Running: Harrison Jr.'s route running is one of his major strengths. He understands how to set up defensive backs and create separation with his routes. His ability to run precise routes and his understanding of timing and leverage are impressive.

Separation: While he doesn't possess elite speed, Harrison Jr. consistently gets open due to his savvy route-running skills and understanding of defensive coverages. He uses his size and agility effectively to create separation.

After Catch Ability: Harrison Jr. has solid ability after the catch. He's not overly elusive in the open field, but he's tough to bring down due to his size and strength. He consistently fights for extra yards after the catch.

Inside/Outside Versatility: Harrison Jr. has the versatility to line up inside and outside. His size and route-running ability make him a threat on the outside, while his understanding of coverages and strong hands make him effective when lined up in the slot.

Play Style and Scheme Fit: Marvin Harrison Jr.'s style of play is reminiscent of his father's in many ways. He's a reliable receiver with strong hands and precise route-running skills. He excels at using his size to his advantage, particularly when it comes to contested catches, and his understanding of the game allows him to find soft spots in coverage consistently. Harrison Jr. would fit well in a scheme that values technical route-running and versatility in a receiver. His ability to line up both inside and outside gives offensive coordinators flexibility when it comes to game planning. He's adept at getting open in both man and zone coverages, making him a threat regardless of the defensive scheme he's facing.

Player Comparisons: In terms of current NFL players, Harrison Jr.'s style of play is somewhat similar to that of Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Like Evans, Harrison Jr. uses his size and catch radius effectively to win 50/50 balls, and he's reliable when it comes to making contested catches. His route-running ability and knack for getting open also echo aspects of Keenan Allen's game. It's also hard not to draw comparisons between Harrison Jr. and his father, Marvin Harrison Sr. While it's premature to suggest that he'll reach the same level of success as his Hall of Fame father, the younger Harrison does displays some of the same qualities that made his father so successful, particularly in terms of his hands and route-running skills.

Scouting Summary: Marvin Harrison Jr. is a talented wide receiver prospect who brings a well-rounded skill set to the table. His strong hands, precise route running, and inside/outside versatility make him a versatile weapon in the passing game. He may not be the fastest or most explosive receiver in the 2024 NFL Draft class, but his understanding of the game and physical traits make him a promising prospect with a high ceiling.

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