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2024 NFL Draft: North Carolina QB Drake Maye vs. South Carolina QB Spencer Rattler

Drake Maye vs QB Spencer Rattler

It is week one of the 2023 college football season, and we have a big-time QB matchup in the Carolinas tonight between North Carolina's Drake Maye, our preseason #2 overall 2024 NFL Draft prospect (QB2) and South Carolina's Spencer Rattler, our 32nd prospect overall and the QB5.

Below are the preseason scouting reports, current grades for the two prospects, and a few notes on how each player can improve their 2024 NFL Draft stock in 2023.

Drake Maye NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6040 Weight: 225 Draft Yr: 2024

Overall Rk: 2 Pos Rk: 2

Preseason NFL Draft Grade Analysis

Grade: Near Elite

Grade Analysis: A near-elite prospect projected to be a significant contributor by their second year in the NFL.

  • Strengths: Drake Maye's combination of size, arm strength, and football IQ places him in the elite echelons of the upcoming draft prospects. His adaptability reminds analysts of quarterbacks like Justin Herbert and Trevor Lawrence. With sound mechanics, Maye showcases accuracy across different field levels, and though not a traditional dual threat, his mobility for his size is commendable.

  • Improvement Areas for 2023: Heading into the 2023 college football season, Maye needs to work on the timing of his throws, particularly avoiding late releases. This will help reduce the chances of interceptions in the NFL. Additionally, he should focus on improving his progressions, ensuring he doesn't lock onto a single receiver and can scan the field more effectively. Lastly, Maye must avoid forcing throws into tight coverages to ensure consistent play and better decision-making.

Spencer Rattler NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6010 Weight: 218 Draft Yr: 2024

Overall Rk: 32 Pos Rk: 5

Preseason NFL Draft Grade Analysis

Final Grade: High-End Starter Potential

Grade Analysis: A high-end starter potential prospect projected to be among the top starters within the second or third year in the NFL.

  • Strengths: Spencer Rattler's profile is defined by his remarkable off-script ability, a talent that allows him to create moments of magic when the original play breaks down. His arm talent is undeniable, and he has the capability to extend plays with his agility. His versatility suggests he could fit seamlessly into various offensive schemes, from Air Raid to spread offenses.

  • Improvement Areas for 2023: Rattler has some pronounced inconsistencies that he needs to iron out. His downfield accuracy can vary from game to game, and he occasionally becomes turnover-prone, risking the ball in challenging situations. One critical aspect he should concentrate on is his pocket awareness, ensuring he feels the pressure and avoids unnecessary sacks or hurried throws. Rattler's decision-making under pressure is another aspect he must refine to ensure he doesn't become a liability in crunch situations.

In Conclusion

Drake Maye vs Spencer Rattler should be a good one. Both quarterbacks have the foundational attributes to make it big in the NFL. While Maye's physical stature and football acumen set him apart, Rattler's off-script prowess is his standout trait. As they enter the 2023 college football season, addressing their weak points will be pivotal for their draft stock and subsequent NFL success. Observing how they refine their skills in response to the expectations will be intriguing.


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