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About Football Scout 365: Rediscovering Our "Why."

About Me (Brandon Lundberg)

Years ago when I worked for a privately owned cellular phone retailer, I was tasked as a District Manager to read a new book every month. I will admit due to my busy schedule I often skimmed through these books except for one, Simon Sinek's book "It Starts With Why." Sinek's book struck a chord with me back then as a leader. I realized the importance of understanding what it is that drives me to wake up daily operating at a high level. It was not about the paycheck for me; it was more about my passion for inspiring others to be great even if we are only working in a retail environment our system rewarded everyone willing to work hard. I knew back then what I know now and that it is important to understand your "why" and as the years have gone by I have realized that my "why" is to inspire others to follow through on their passions. Don't use your current situation to deter you from your dreams; find a way to use your current opportunities as the stepping stone towards your ultimate goal.

The WHY is the purpose, cause, or belief that drives every organization and every person's individual career. Why does your company exist? Why did you get out of bed this morning? And why should anyone care?
-Simon Sinek

Because of my passion for sports growing up, I was taught to trust competitive meritocracy, and this motivated me to lead my team in a competitive way pushing each employee to work competitively, take ownership and hold one another accountable.

The CEO of the cellular phone retailer used analytics to measure each store, and individual employee performance. His accuracy when projecting a stores performance provided us with the necessary details needed to drive success. He taught us as managers to use this data to coach employees so that they can be successful. Because of his use of analytics in business and through his teachings, while I was an employee, I became analytical in every facet of my life both personal and professional. His drive to inspire us as employees to take ownership and believe in the process has made a significant difference in my life.

His drive to inspire us as employees to take ownership and believe in the process has made the biggest difference in my life.

Five years ago I began studying sports analytics as a hobby. I began doing analysis using Excel and started off trying to create a projection based website that I eventually dumped because the site lacked a cohesive direction. I have spent the last four years studying different analytics sites and reading hundreds of authored articles that discuss the use of analytics in sports. Seeing how others have capitalized on their dreams of working in sports through the use of analytics, it motivated me to start over and re-evaluate my "why" and where my path back into the business of sports would lead me.

Seeing how others have capitalized on their dreams of working in sports through the use of analytics, it motivated me to start over and re-evaluate my "why" and where my path back into the business of sports would lead me.

Growing up I always wanted to be a football coach. When I was eight years old, I loved playing the game of football, but I was more enamored by the strategy of the game. I would spend countless summer days studying statistics and building a playbook leading up to the fall. I would build game plans just so that I could enact them alone in the living room while watching game after game on a football Saturday. The game became an obsession.

Ten Years later (18 Years old) I was offered the opportunity to coach at the middle school level when my older brother hired me to coach alongside him. I ran the offense while he ran the defense. I was only 18 at the time; I coached for three season's, two as the offensive coordinator and one as the head coach when my brother decided to move on to a different job. The experience I had coaching these kids allowed me to understand that my passion to coach was driven by my love to teach others the game of football.

Your "why" will always evolve based on your life circumstances and for me my family drives me to want to achieve my dreams and prove to them that anything is possible.

Today I am a Husband (married for two years) to my beautiful wife Lydia, Father of two (newborn son Hudson and an eight-year-old daughter Lilee). Adding family can change your perspective when discovering your "why," but should also add fuel to the fire when you are still moving towards your dreams. Your "why" will always evolve based on your life circumstances and for me, my family inspires me to want to achieve my goals and prove to them that anything is possible. Ten years ago I was driven by personal self-ambition and did not have a family dependent on me to provide for them. A lot of people would change their career goals to align with their circumstance, and it would be understandable to do so, but for me, it has proven to only drive my economic engine towards my goals at a faster pace. Change and adaptation are essential when you are working to achieve your bigger long term goals.

The Forever Evolving "Why" That Is Football Scout 365

The goal of this site since the 2018 launch has been to find the best way to combine all analysis into a cohesive format. Since the end of the 2018 season, I have reviewed the sites data mining and data creation processes I have built and have concluded that the real goal of our site in 2019 is to uniformly combine our data analysis and pair it with more visual film analysis bringing the final analytical product to a cohesive crescendo.

The plan has always been to build our data analysis in a way that tells an entire story with fewer words and articles, but as the site has evolved, it’s become a lot of analysis paralysis (too much data) without visual analysis that can be paired to explain the "why."

So what can the end user expect from their Football Scout 365 experience moving forward?

1. Access all analysis free as of right now so take advantage. Subject to change in the future and will likely start with our fantasy football analysis.

2. A three pronged natural analytical progression starting with the analytical data before moving into the film study analysis. Once the initial analysis has been delivered, there should be a follow-up analysis for data that was used to project a future outcome. After all three stages are completed we should be able to identify direct correlation and unique identifiers such as what it takes to make the college football playoff, win the Super Bowl, or how far away team (A) who is in the middle of the pack from competing for a National Championship, or Super Bowl. The same analytical progression will be used to determine individual player success.

3. Creating an insightful podcasts covering the three pillars of our site, NFL (Pro Football Scout 365), College Football 365 and Fantasy Football 365. The first Podcast if executed will cover Fantasy football. There is always a need for more fantasy content even within a saturated market.

Below I have listed the 2019 planned analysis the site will use to execute a more cohesive and understandable story. Many of the items listed below will have a link that will take you directly to the data.

NFL Draft Team Needs Analysis- Our NFL Draft Team Needs Analysis provides a positional needs analysis using a combination of variables such as free agency moves, and prior year performance at a particular position. We analyze the entire scope of the draft, and depth of talent by position. Once we examine the depth of talent by position, we can then analyze every NFL teams potential needs in order of importance and begin to match players based on team need, and scheme fit. 

NFL Draft Player Composite Rankings- Our NFL draft composite rankings examine and then combine NFL Draft player rankings provided by the NFL's leading analysts with FS365 player rankings creating an average composite ranking.

OL Spend and Analysis- Our offensive line salary cap usage and performance analysis report identifies the correlations between offensive line success (total stats) and salary cap spend. 

CFP Champion Analysis- Our College Football Playoff champion analysis evaluates each championship team in the current college football playoff era using our situational analysis tool combining them all into one measure so that we can try to identify what it takes to become a CFB Playoff National Champion. 

CFB Three Year Team Analysis- Our three-year trend analysis examines raw offensive and defensive team stats to identify potential playoff teams by comparing every school's three year stat totals to the rolling three-year averages of teams who have made it to the college football playoff. 

CFB Experience Matters- Our college football experience matters report analyzes every FBS teams returning starters by position. 

DFS/Weekly Player Rankings- Standard, DFS, player rankings, advanced statistics and analysis.

ADP- Our yearlong fantasy football average draft position analysis simulates hundreds of drafts using standard and PPR formats

DFS Dollars Per Point Ratio (DPP)- Our Dollars Per Point (DPP) ratio is a measure that identifies the value of the top scoring DFS players based on their Draft Kings salary and then ranks them based on their DPP ratio. For Ex; player (A) DPP is $250 per point scored. Other measures used are each player's total fantasy point contribution margin based on that week's matchup. If a matchup is projected to have 100 fantasy points scored and player (A) is expected to score 10 points, player (A)'s potential contribution would be 10%.

Football Scout 365's Inside the Playbook Series provides an easy to understand breakdown of football's top schemes both new and old.

Future Three Pronged Analysis (Natural Analytical Progression)

Pro Football Scout 365

Grading the NFL draft- Using our pre-draft team needs analysis we examine each teams picks and grade them based on whether or not they filled their needs with the best available option at the time of their pick.

Offensive Line Spend Film Analysis- An examination of the film for the top offensive line from the 2018 season and their total offensive line spend compared to the worst offensive line spend and performance from the 2018 season.

Vegas Odds Analysis- Examines preseason 2018 win loss o/u to the actual results and then we take a look at the 2019 odds and determine the reasons why Vegas chose these odds for each individual team.

College Football 365

CFP Champions Situational Film Analysis- We dive into the film and examine some of the leading drivers behind the success of each College Football Championship team since the CFP era began. This analysis is meant to provide the unique identifiers of what it takes to be a champion in this era of college football and will allow us to gauge future potential championship success by matching teams against these unique identifiers.  

College Football Three Year Stat Analysis Looks at The Film- We examine the top statistical categories of last year’s top team and compare that to the median and bottom ranked teams so that we can identify what separates the top teams from the middle and the bottom tier of college football.

College Football Experience Matters Analysis- We examine our 2018 analysis to determine the importance experience played into the success of every FBS team and then dive into the 2019 analysis to predetermine how much experience may play a role this coming season. We can examine the depth and experience that every FBS team has at QB, offensive line, and defensive line and whether or not this correlates to success. Once we complete the 2018 review and determine the win-loss totals for each FBS team allowing us to determine the unique identifiers such as average returning starters, offensive line starters returning, defensive line starters returning and starting QB returning and how each correlates to overall win/loss success.

Fantasy Football Scout-

Preseason Player Rankings and Analysis- We review our 2018 rankings and compare to our 2019 rankings. The analysis will include a review of the NFL draft, free agencies and how they will impact the 2019 season. While performing the review, I will take a look at the fantasy league I participate in and review some of the successes and failures of 2018 and how to avoid the negatives in 2019.

Player ADP Analysis- We review the top-rated players from 2018 and compare to the 2019 ADP. What are the trends, who are the diamonds in the rough and how to buck the trend and win your draft.

DFS Dollars Per Point (DPP) Ratio Analysis- We review some of our 2018 analysis and how this analysis paired with other analysis helped us cash in.

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