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About Football Scout 365, The Journey, Vision, and The Mission Is All About Football


Welcome to Football Scout 365, a premier source of football scouting analytics and analysis. Our primary focus is to scout collegiate athletes at all levels, providing individual player scouting reports and grades using a proprietary process developed and tested by real NFL scouts, front-office personnel, NFL General Managers, and coaches.

About The Football Scout 365 Founder

Football Scout 365 was born out of the vision and passion of Brandon Lundberg, an experienced football scout, analyst, and former player. His love for the game has been a lifelong journey, starting from his early years playing youth and high school football. Although he did not reach his ultimate goal of playing at the collegiate level, Brandon continued his personal football journey at the grassroots level, playing as a semi-pro player for three years.

Brandon's diverse experiences in football have not been confined to the field. He has worked as an analyst at Pro Football Focus (PFF) and as a Football Video Scout at Sports Info Solutions. In addition, Brandon has volunteered as a football coach at numerous youth football camps, further enriching his understanding of the game.

"In my experience, football holds transformative power. I see it as a platform that can shape young individuals into high-character, mentally resilient adults. This belief is rooted in the unique adversities that the sport provides, both mental and physical, within a team environment." - Brandon Lundberg

Adding another dimension to his influence, Brandon actively engages with audiences through the Football Scout 365 YouTube Channel, sharing his expert insights and analyses, further extending the reach of his football acumen.

Our Journey

Our journey started six years ago as a hobby for Brandon, who began to blog and write about football-related strategies that revolved around coaching. Fast forward to today, and we've evolved into a scouting and analytics media company focused on the NFL Draft. Since 2019, we've developed and fine-tuned a unique player grading system that uses analytics combined with on-field performance to grade NFL Draft prospects.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become an industry leader in football scouting and analytics. We aim to develop our current scouting techniques for use at all levels of football and for use on a mainstream and commercial level. We value quality data over quantity and believe in providing easily translatable data to match on-field performance. We are committed to meeting your needs while striving to be one of the industry's top providers of football scouting and analytical content.

Our Services

Front Office Level NFL Draft Analysis At Your Fingertips

The Big Board summarizes all the essential components of a player's scouting report, providing fans with a concise overview of the prospect's abilities, potential, and fit within the NFL. This summary serves as a quick reference point for fans who want a comprehensive understanding of a player's scouting report without delving into all the intricate details.

Commercial Pro

We offer a suite of services tailored to your needs. Our Pro Commercial plan is built for coaches, sports agents, or front-office personnel seeking additional scouting or analytics support. We can build analytical and statistical models based on your specific needs.

Partner With Us

Become a Brand Ambassador with our Affiliate Plus License. Use our content on your platform, be a guest on our podcast and YouTube channel, and more. As an Affiliate Plus member, you can access our detailed football scouting reports (NFL Draft Data) and use them on your platform (website, social media, and more).

Contact us for more information regarding Commercial Pro or Affiliate partnerships: Email us or request a quote.

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