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After Further Review: 2019 Review of Ryan Tannehill

Titans Became More Balanced With Tannehill

In the 12 games post-Marcus Mariota, Tannehill was fantastic, completing 70% of his throws for 2742 yds and a 22/6 TD/INT ratio.

The Titan's offense became more balanced after the change from Mariota to Tannehill. From week one to six, the Titans averaged 291 total yds, 103 yds rushing and 187 yds passing. The final 12 games, including the playoffs, the Titans averaged 379 yds per game with 162 yds on the ground vs. 217 yds through the air. The Titans offense increased total yardage production by 30%.

Play Action Pass

A large part of the increase involved the offensive balance and the use of the play-action pass. The Titans increased their play-action yds per attempt from 9.65 under Mariota the first six weeks, to 13.04 yds per attempt the next 12 games with Tannehill.

It Helps to Have Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry faced an eight-man box on 35% of his snaps in 2019, a number that opened up play-action passing opportunities. Henry posted 1504 yds, and 16 TD's in 2019. The Titan's success hinges Derrick Henry's ability to run the football, and the offensive line is continuing to improve. The Titans offensive line ranks 8th best entering the 2020 NFL season and is on the rise.

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