CFB 365 2019: Offensive Havoc Rate and Efficiency Through First Four Weeks

Every four weeks of the College Football and NFL season we are releasing our offensive and defensive havoc rate report. We are looking to identify what teams are the best at creating havoc, and what teams are the best at defending havoc.

Click here to view CFB Offensive Efficiency Report Updated every four weeks.

What is Havoc Rate? The Football Outsiders produce an in-depth analysis coined the Five Factors which include the havoc rate measure. What we have done with Havoc rate is added third-down stops to go with total sacks, TFL’s, fumbles, INT. We added third-down stops because we believe that defenses that can get off of the field more often tend to be more successful even if they are doing it with lesser havoc rate stats (sacks, INT’s, fumbles, TFL’s). We use the same metric when measuring offensive efficiency. The teams with lower havoc allowed, and a low number of third-down stops correlate to having more success.

In addition to the 2019 totals, we added the 2018 Total Havoc Rate and created a YOY differential so that we can identify the teams who are improving vs. those who are regressing.

Through the first four weeks of the college football season, the top 20 offenses are as follows:

The top 15 teams that have improved at the highest differential since 2018 through the first four weeks are as follows:

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