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College Football 365: SRS Rankings and Efficiency Week 9 Has a Top Ten.

It is difficult to measure college footballs playoff contenders in September and October due to the disparity in college football scheduling. Common opponents are not common enough and the watered down amount of teams even in power five conferences makes it so difficult to get a grasp on who is deserving of being in the top 4 teams of the country. After eight weeks of the season, the smoke is beginning to clear and its become easier to recognize the real from the fake.

The SRS tool has a top 4 of Alabama, Michigan, LSU and Oklahoma. The number five team according to SRS is Clemson, followed by Georgia, and Notre Dame. The good news is that each of the teams will face a playoff-like November. I have listed the top matchups that we are keeping a close eye on for the rest of the season that will affect the College football playoff. I am going to go out on a limb and say that who we may think is in the playoff this week will more than likely change a few times over before the end of the season.

Alabama: Alabama is the favorite in each of their final four games. The LSU matchup is on the horizon and will be a Pseudo playoff game.

Michigan: Michigan is the favorite in each of their final 4 games.

LSU: LSU is favored in 3 of their final four games. The matchup with Alabama will be a pseudo playoff game and could be an elimination game for LSU more than Alabama if they lose.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma is favored in all five of their remaining matchups with West Virginia being the only real test remaining for the Sooners.


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