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College Football High Impact Play Rate 2020 Through Wk8 Which Was Wk1 For the Big Ten (SMH 2020).

The college football season has been a weird one due to the pandemic. We are referring to last week as "Wk8," but for the Big Ten, it was Wk1. That will make things a bit confusing, but we will refer to it as the actual week regardless of when other conferences start playing football.

Today we will take a look at High Impact Play Rate Differential through 8 weeks of college football.

What is High Impact Play Rate?

High Impact Play Rate accounts for big in-game moments such as sacks, turnovers, TFL's, and explosive plays. Our High Impact Play Rate analysis works as a diagnostic tool created to help identify the critical areas of focus when performing an every play film review.

Measuring High Impact Play Rate Differential

We take the total high impact plays from the offensive and defensive side of the ball and compare the two numbers to define every team's High Impact Play Rate Differential.

The 2020 Top Five CFB Teams (High Impact Play Differential) Minimum 5 Games Played.

All have a combined win % of 100%

The key High Impact Play Rate Factor (3rd Down Stops).

Teams that can get their defenses off of the field and keep their offense on the field by converting a third down.

The Top Five Teams In Third Down Stop Differential (min. 5 games played).

Among All Teams, High Impact Play Rate Regardless of Total Games Played in 2020.

Combined win % of 100%.

Using High Impact Play Differential, SOS, Total Games Played to Determine The Top 5 Teams In CFB.

It is important to consider that Ohio State plays at Penn State this week, and Clemson will face off with Notre Dame next Saturday (Nov, 7th). Both games are pseudo playoff games that will help us better determine who the top five teams are.

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