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Coming Soon: CFB365 Top 25 Composite Rankings, Returning Starter and QB Analysis and So Much More.

2019 FS365 Composite Top 25 Teams

This year we are using a new strategy we have coined FS365 Top 25 Composite which combines preseason polls into an average top 25 ranking. The polls used to compile the average are USA Today, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, Athlon, Phil Steel, and Lindy’s. We plan to incorporate multiple data points to get a sense of what the 2019 college football media narrative will be by identifying the potential reasoning behind each of their rankings. Such as why does one poll have a team in the top 10 and another has them in the ’20s.

Diving Deeper to Identify

  • Returning Starters v Previous year production using our CFB Production Analysis tool.

  • Recruiting star averages on the current roster measured against talent lost to NFL Combine invites.

  • Total Combine Invites to help measure each teams level of development such as (Who has the lowest recruiting star ranking with the most players sent to the combine).

  • Pre-Season Strength of Schedule (ESPN FPI once released).

2019 College Football QB Annual: Reviewing QB’s From FS365 Composite Top 25 Teams

  • In-Depth analysis of top QB’s returning in 2019

  • The previous season stats

  • Scheme and coaching

  • Supporting cast, offensive line, backs and receivers. Does the QB have the supporting cast necessary to have a successful season?

  • What part of the QB’s game translates to the NFL?

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