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Examining Aaron Rodgers top Targeted WR's Since 2008

I wanted to quickly examine Aaron Rodgers's top targeted WR's throughout his career. While performing the analysis, I decided to remove seasons that Rodgers played less than 15 games (except for the 2020 season). I also removed stats from 2005-2007 (years Rodgers was not yet the Packers starting QB).

What I Found

In seasons where Aaron Rodgers played at least 15 games (with 2020 as the exception) with stats between 2005-2007 removed, Rodgers attempted 5754 passes and compiled 44659 passing yards. Using the Aaron Rodgers passing attempts and passing yards in seasons since 2008, and then using the same parameters for the WR's in seasons between 2008-2020, we found that Davante Adams ranks atop the list of Aaron Rodgers most targeted WR's. Adams has received 11.23% of Aaron Rodgers's pass attempts since 2008.

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