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Examining The Versatility Of The NFL's Top Two Personnel Groupings

Defining Personnel Groups

The Versatility of Personnel Groupings In Football

11 and 12 personnel are versatile in today's football because of the versatility and athleticism of today's RB's and TE's. NFL Teams with a TE like Travis Kelce, or Rob Gronkowski can line up with the TE in line, in the slot, or flexed wide without ever changing their personnel. The same can be said about NFL RB's like CMC, Alvin Kamara, or Saquan Barkley, who are versatile enough to play in the backfield, slot, or flexed out wide, allowing coaches to keep the same personnel on the field regardless of the situation.

Top NFL Personnel Usage of the last five years

2019 Top Personnel Groups in the NFL

11 Personnel Example 1

11 Personnel Example 2

12 Personnel Example 1

12 Personnel Example 2

Top 10 NFL Teams 11 Personnel Usage

Top 10 NFL Teams 12 Personnel Usage


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