Fantasy Football Mock Draft From The Picking Last In a 12 Team .5 PPR Format

I drafted from the 1.12 spot in a 12 team .5PPR format using our total projected player volume to make our picks. We did not pick based on the highest projected volume in each spot. Instead, we chose the top 3 available players and made our choice based on volume, team situation, and other factors.

What do we mean by Total Volume?

I believe that total player usage volume is (one of the most important) keys to winning your fantasy league. Teams that have higher volume players tend to be the most successful. For RB's you want guys who carry the football at a high rate and that receive targets in the passing game. The best RB's are those who remain involved in the game during negative game script situations such as 3rd and long, or down multiple scores. When Drafting a WR or a TE, you want the players targeted at a high rate.

The formula sounds simple in theory, but there is a myriad of variables that you must consider when preparing for your fantasy draft. Consider the format; most are .5 pt or full pt PPR. When in a PPR formatted league, you want to maximize the opportunities by drafting the highest volume players. You need to target RB's who remain in the game during an obvious pass down situation. These players are not a dime a dozen so when you have the opportunity to draft a guy that fits criteria; we advise that you pick him up even its around earlier than ADP suggests.

I want to go over why I made the picks I made in this mock draft. I won't get too wordy, but I will provide some insight into the "why" behind my reasoning.

1.12: I go RB in every draft with my first pick because of VOLUME.

You want the highest opportunity to do business on the field, and RB's can provide that for you. You want to target the top pass-catching RB available. In our mock, I had the choice to go with Mixon or Ekeler. Another advantage when picking at the 1.12 spot, is back to back picks from 1.12, to the 2.01 (depending on your format). Don't do what I did and miss a minor detail in your draft, like the fact your league commish set the draft as linear. Yes, I did this, and I was not happy when I realized I missed that detail. So, because of my back to back picks in the mock draft, I go with Joe Mixon and snag Austin Ekeler at the 2.01. Mixon provides versatility in an offense that Bengals insiders insist will feature Mixon more as a pass-catcher in 2020.

2.01: Again, you want to target the top pass-catching RB available.

I chose Austin Ekeler in this spot and would have taken him at the 1.12 if Mixon were not in the mix. Ekeler delivers a ton of value, even in a backfield that includes Justin Jackson.

3.12: The worst part about picking 12th, is that after making back to back stimulating picks, you have to wait an eternity to select again.

Anyway, I am going to pick another RB. I have to choose between David Montgomery, Cam Akers, and Mark Ingram. If I am in a keeper format, I might take Cam Akers; otherwise, it's a no brainer, I am going Ingram. The Ravens offense is efficient, and they want to run the football. Ingram has at least one more year as the top back in Baltimore.

4.01: Ahhh, back to back picks feel good.

After going three RB's in a row, I need a high volume WR. I have three options, Keenan Allen, Allen Robinson, or Bob Woods. The Ideal pick is Bob because he is in the best situation on paper and at least has Jared Goff. Keenan Allen will be working with someone other Philip Rivers this year, and Robinson has Trubisky or Foles. I believe Foles has a shot to take the job, and there are also trade rumors surrounding Robinson, so there is a chance he lands in a better situation. I decide to take a risk and go with Allen Robinson.

5.12: I need a WR

I have three to choose in this spot, AJ Green, Terry McLaurin, or Marquise Brown. Each of these players is in the right situation, while one is much older than the other two; the decision in this spot is between Mclaurin and Brown. I go with Terry Mclaurin here. That makes two WR's I have picked in a row who have questionable QB situations. I never pick WR's in these types of situations, but it makes the most sense. I love Brown, but maybe I can get an equally explosive WR like a Diontae Johnson in the later rounds.

6.01: My infatuation with RB's takes over my soul when Cam Akers is available.

I take him in this spot without knowing that he will be "the guy" in LA. I believe he will be number one, but nothing is for sure in 2020.

7.12: I need a QB and a TE.

I don't need a QB yet, so I go TE. I can snag Hunter Henry Or TJ Hockenson. I go Hockenson taking a bit of risk knowing he may not be fully healthy. Stafford is poised to have a great year. I didn't want to grab another player with a questionable QB situation.

8.01: Okay, I bite on a QB in this spot.

Tom Brady is available. He has arguably the best weapons he has ever had at his disposal in 2020.

Here is what the finished result looks like.

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