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Become A Pro Publisher, Pro Commercial, or Affiliate Member Today, Try Risk-Free for 14 Days

At Football Scout 365, we value quality data over quantity of data. We believe that the data should be easily translatable, making it easy to match the data to on-field performance or vice versa. We are committed to meeting your needs while striving to be one of the industry's top providers of football scouting and analytical content.

Pro Commercial (Commercial Use License)

Football Scouting and analytics tools built for a coach, sports agent, or front office personnel in need of a full-time team of analysts or support to help their current in-house scouting or analytics department. With our Pro Commercial plan, we can build analytical and statistical models based on your specific needs.

Commercial Services Include

Marketing and Content Creation Services

We are not just limited to analytics, we can provide marketing and content creation services to help support your marketing team, or we can be your full-time third-party marketing support.

Every Play Film Analysis

(EPA) can save thousands of man-hours throughout an entire football season. Watching the film and identifying tendencies is a very detail-oriented task. We can assist your current team of analysts or be a third-party resource when needed.

Football Scouting Reports, Player Rankings, And Other Related Services

For any level of football, we can provide detailed, organized NFL-style player scouting reports and player grades using a set of relevant position-based critical factors.

Allow us to provide a third-party opinion to help your scouting department collect more data points that can further solidify the decision-making process.

Open PDF File Below to view a full menu of what a Pro Commercial license has to offer.
Football Scout 365 Commercial Plan Details
Download PDF • 5.18MB

Affiliate Plus (Become a Brand Ambassador)

Use our content on your platform, be a guest on our podcast and YouTube channel, and more.

You can click here to email us if you have questions regarding the Affiliate Plus License

Partner with us, advertise our product offerings, and help us build our brand alongside yours. As an Affiliate Plus member, you can access our detailed football scouting reports (NFL Draft Data) and use them on your platform (in the future, we are working to provide high school player evaluations). The Affiliate Plus license allows the end-user to publish our content on their platform (website, social media, and more).

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