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Inside the Playbook Series

The FS365 Inside the Playbook Series is an off season review of the top offenses in both college football and the NFL. The plan will be to cover one scheme per week throughout the off-season covering the following items.

  • When the scheme originally developed, and what family of schemes if applicable does the scheme derive from? Was the concept an extension or modification of a preexisting scheme?

  • Current FBS Schools, NFL teams and coaches that employ the scheme.

  • Who has had the most success with using the scheme.

  • The base play concepts both running and passing, (create a visual diagram of the plays). Identify and define the base pass and run blocking scheme, base personnel, route concepts, and QB progression.

  • Video that diagrams the concepts.

  • How to defend each concept. Who and what are the top defenses in today’s football used to defend. Who are the coordinators who have had success defending?


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