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Interview With Collectively Evolving Lafayette 7 on 7 Camp Director Jeep Morehouse

I recently had the great opportunity to interview Jeep Morehouse, Director of Collectively Evolving Lafayette, a member of the #1 Premier Off-Season Program In Indiana. Our discussion covers various topics from his journey to becoming a teacher at Lafayette Jefferson and a 7 on 7 camp director at Collectively Evolving. Jeep provides detailed insights into the 7 on 7 football world and its inner workings. Jeep discusses his passion for building community and providing leadership to those who attend the Collectively Evolving camp circuit.

Former Michigan RB and current 2021 NFL Draft prospect Chris Evans is the founder of Collectively Evolving.

Current 2021 NFL Draft prospect Chris Evans founded the not-for-profit Collectively Evolving organization during his time playing college football at the University of Michigan. Collectively Evolving is based in the state of Indiana, with different entities stretching from Michigan to Kentucky. The camp circuit focuses on impacting young athletes from pre-teen to high school by providing offseason 7 on 7 camps, leagues, and tournaments.

The CE Mission says it all, "Helping young athletes discover the CHAMPION WITHIN through skills development, mentorship & exposure platforms while promoting a clear understanding of what it takes to be a CHAMPION in sports and in life."

For more information, check out the Collectively Evolving website; you can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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