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Welcome to Football Scout 365. A free football analytics site created for those who are not just passionate football fans, but who also love the more in-depth analytical perspective that the games numbers can provide.

Our core focus will be on College Football in 2018 as well as 2018 NFL Draft Analysis. All of the metrics provided will align similarly to the stats created by football analysts and used by football coaches.

Below is a summary list of stats we plan to provide:

What are Key Stats?

Below is a list of Key Stats in no particular order. The list will be updated on an unscheduled basis during the offseason as we work to optimize our stats collection. All Key Stats are v. AP Top 25 opponents only. We try to measure the teams based on the level of competition faced. During the regular season, we will update these Key Stats on every three weeks.

Key Stats Offense:

Key Stats Defense:

Game Of The Week:

Our game of the week series will feature the top matchup each week in college football and will include two AP top 25 opponents (when available) otherwise the best matchup will be graded. We score every play of the game using basic football scouting system of +1 for a positive and -1 for a negative play occurrence. For example, a player tackled for a loss on a run play would score as -1 for the losing yds. Each player can be graded based on their involvement in the final result of each individual play throughout an entire game. Ex. If an and offensive guard whiffs on a block (misses his man), he will receive a -1 for that one particular play.

Each game will have a preliminary score released on Sunday with the final score release after full film review by Wednesday of the following week.

Will we scout more than one game per week?

We want to provide quality content and plan to increase the number of individual games scouted in the future. Our goal is to hire more analyst, but as of today we only have the capacity for one game per week as each game can take upwards of 15-20 hrs of review to provide an in-depth, accurate team assessment.

NFL Draft Analysis:

Our NFL draft analysis will be based solely on combine numbers and review from the previous college football season. The analysis will have a core focus on talent leaving a particular school and the effect the player's departure will have on their former college team. Our goal is to tie the drafted NFL talent into our college football players leaving and returning by team production analysis.

As site updates occur and our data collection continues to grow we will provide updates. Please subscribe to our email list for up to the minute updates.


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