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Mock Draft: Our Top Ten Picks Based On Team Need.

1. Cleveland Browns Select Saquan Barkley, RB, Penn State Record: 0-16 (.520) Top needs: QB, CB, OT, S

Cleveland may not need a RB at number one overall after picking up Carlos Hyde, but with Saquan Barkley available I find it hard to believe Cleveland would want to pass on picking up the dynamic playmaker. The Browns are notorious for first round misses, but this is such an obvious can't miss. If you are the Browns GM wouldn't you like to be the guy who picked the next Jim Brown?

2. New York Giants Select Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA Record: 3-13 (.531) Top needs: QB, OL, RB, DL

If Barkley falls to number two, the Giants should grab him. Imagine the Giants with Barkley and Beckham. The big question mark for the Giants is the age and longevity of Eli Manning. If the Browns pick Barkley at number one overall, then the giants likely pick Josh Rosen, who aside from Baker Mayfield is the most polished QB.

3. New York Jets (via Colts) Select Bradley Chubb, DE, Georgia Record: 5-11 (.520) Top needs: QB, EDGE, OG, OT

There are a lot of people who believe the Jets moved up to grab a QB. The Jets did pick up Teddy Bridgewater in free agency, and this would lead you to think that they are going to go after an interior defensive lineman or an edge player. This is where I find myself the most conflicted, but in the NFL you need defense. The next best available is Bradley Chubb.

4. Cleveland Browns (via Texans) Select Baker Mayfield, QB Oklahoma Texans record: 4-12 (.516) Browns top needs: QB, CB, OT, S

You missed on Carson Wentz, and you picked Deshawn, over Deshaun last year. It's time to get it right in Cleveland. I thought Cleveland would be wise to trade this pick to the Eagles for Foles and Pick Barkley at number one. The Browns could then add some RPO and Zone read concepts to their scheme similar to the Eagles approach a year ago. You already picked up Tyrod Taylor who in my objective opinion would be excellent in an Eagles type of offense. If you add Barkley at number one overall, you gain the versatility your offense desperately needs. This pick can go three ways, they pick Derwin James to fill a void at safety, trade the pick, or they grab the top QB that is ready to go day one, and that QB is Baker Mayfield.

5. Denver Broncos Select Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming Record: 5-11 (.492) Top needs: CB, EDGE, OL, TE

Denver was warming up on the Mayfield front, and then talk about Josh Allen started. The Broncos have since picked up Case Keenum. This will not rule out the prospect of them still grabbing a QB. If Josh Allen is available along with Sam Darnold, I think Elway pulls the trigger and grabs a QB that can wait a year or two behind Keenum and develop. Because the Broncos can fill some of their more urgent needs in later rounds, I have to believe if Josh Allen is available he goes to Denver.

6. Indianapolis Colts (via Jets) Select Isaiah Wynn OG, Georgia Record: 4-12 (.480) Top needs: EDGE, LB, OL, WR

The Colts have a lot of needs. Their most pressing needs are offensive line and an Edge Rusher. If Bradley Chubb is still available I think the Colts will grab him, Sam Hubbard comes to mind and is another guy I guess you could catch in round two. Our next best 4-3 edge player is Rasheem Green and based on our analysis would be the best option available if Bradley Chubb is off the board, but Green is now being tabbed as more of an interior player as many are assuming he will fill out his frame.

The Colts need an offensive lineman, and Quentin Nelson is a popular name among writers in the Indy area. But our number three OG according to our analysis is Isaiah Wynn.

Wynn can play both guards and tackle if needed. He is a solid pass protector, and this is what the Colts desperately need to keep Andrew Luck upright.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select Derwin James, S, Florida State Record: 5-11 (.555) Top needs: DE, CB, RB, S

Tampa Bay is in need of a lot of defense. They do need both a corner and defensive end. But if Derwin James is still on the board, you cannot pass on him as he will fill an immediate need.

8. Chicago Bears Select Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State Record: 5-11 (.559) Top needs: CB, OL, EDGE, DL

The bears have an immediate need at the CB position, and most are saying it will be Ohio States, Denzel Ward. Our rankings have Ward rated number one based on his performance at the combine. Personally, I would choose Josh Jackson From Iowa before Ward, but the Bears will likely pick Ward because of his combine measures, but Jackson has shown to be a far more consistent player in his time at Iowa.

9. San Francisco 49ers Select Joshua Jackson, DB, Iowa Record: 6-10 (.512) Top needs: EDGE, OG, CB, WR

The trend every year for teams picking at the beginning of the NFL draft revolves around their ability to rush the QB. The 49ers fit this profile and are in need of a pass rush. I think they may hold off to grab an edge player in round two, and go with a defensive back early. Most mock drafts show Jackson going late in round one or early round two.

10. Oakland Raiders Select Mo Hurst, DL, Michigan Record: 6-10 (.512) Top needs: LB, CB, S, OT

The Raiders have been making multiple moves to bolster their defense recently. They are still left with a hole on the interior of their defensive line. Oakland has three picks in within the first 75 picks of the 2018 draft. This flexibility allows them to build depth on the interior of their defense. This pick is tricky and is conflicted as I like Vita Vea and his intangibles, but Mo Hurst stands out in so many ways and is an Aaron Donald type of player with an explosive first step. He was medically cleared recently after being diagnosed with a heart condition at the NFL combine and now that he has the all clear I believe he will be a steal in this year's draft and will provide an instant impact.


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