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NFL: AFC Divisional Round Tennessee @ Baltimore, the Macro Level Review

Tennessee @ Baltimore, the Macro Level Review

Final Score: Tennessee 28 Baltimore 12

The Football Scout 365 macro-level review provides a 1000 foot view of the game.

- The Ravens came into this game as the number one seed vs. the Titans who entered the playoffs as the number 6 seed.

- Ravens have gone 3.5 months without a loss until this game.

- Baltimore had three turnovers (two picks and one fumble). Two turnovers led to 14 points for Tennessee.

- The Ravens were perfect all season long on 4th down, and one plays attempted until this game (0-2). Both happened early in the game at critical moments.

- The Ravens fell behind early 14-0. They fell behind double digits in all three of their regular-season losses.

- Baltimore receivers combined for six dropped passes.

- Tennessee sacked Jackson 4 times.

- The Tennessee defense forced Jackson into attempting 59 passes. Baltimore rushed the football 29 times.

- Tennessee was able to limit Baltimore’s big plays from amounting to points.

- Derrick Henry followed up his 182-yard performance from a week ago vs. the Patriots with a 195 yard game against the Ravens.

- Tannehill only threw 14 times, completing 7 with 2 TDs.

Inside the numbers, Baltimore's Offensive Efficiency vs. Tennessee’s Defensive Efficiency Heading into this game.

Inside the numbers, Tennessee's Offensive Efficiency vs. Baltimore’s Defensive Efficiency heading into this game.


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