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NFL Draft 2020: Top 10 RB Rankings Leading Up to The NFL Draft J.K. Dobbins Surging

Our NFL Draft Player Rankings are compiled using the same Situational Analysis process used at a commercial level. We start by evaluating their performance against top competition and then work our way through big game situations such as 3rd down production, or big-time throws in big-time moments late in a game. The process can be tedious, but the system allows us to utilize a consistent process when evaluating an entire team or an individual player.

J.K. Dobbins Trending Up Late

The top RB in the 2020 NFL Draft class is Jonathon Taylor, but J.K. Dobbins is right on heels. We originally had Dobbins behind Swift but after reviewing the film on J.K. Dobbins and getting a better feel for his performances in big games, it became more and more apparent that J.K. has the qualities you look for in a workhorse NFL runningback.

Big Game J.K. Dobbins

J.K. Dobbins vs Top 25 Opponents

J.K. Dobbins did not fall off when facing top 25 opponents. Dobbins ranked 1st among all RB's in 2019 in production against top 25 opponents. The final four opponents Ohio State faced were ranked in the top 25, Penn State, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The lowest-ranked defense against the run by the end of 2019 was Michigan at #22. Clemson's rush defense ranked 19th, Wisconsin 9th, and Penn State 5th. Dobbins averaged 178 yds per game against these four opponents. Dobbins averaged 6.1 yds per attempt and scored eight rushing TD's to close 2019. The Buckeyes faced 6 top 25 opponents in 2019 with Dobbins producing 51% of his 2003 total rushing yards in these matchups.

Big Game J.K. Dobbins

The Buckeyes faced six top 25 opponents in 2019 with Dobbins producing 51% of his 2003 total rushing yards in these matchups.

J.K Dobbins Scouting Report

Dobbins is a compact player standing 5-9. He has a low center of gravity and packs a punch at 209 lbs. He plays with good contact balance and a low pad level. He is strong in pass pro (See 2019 CFP Semi-Final for evidence). Dobbins is a capable receiver who does most of his receiving on-screen passes but can run a texas concept (angle routes) from the backfield effectively. He can certainly improve as a receiver in the NFL.

Dobbins sat out the combine because of an ankle injury that occurred in the January CFP Semi-Final vs. Clemson. So the opportunity to add more data points went to the wayside. His film, on the other hand, provided us with enough data to conclude that he should be ranked ahead of Swift, who we believe has more upside than both Taylor and Dobbins. At the end of the day, when an RB is drafted, NFL teams are looking for immediate impact, and we believe Taylor and Dobbins provide the best opportunity at making an immediate impact in the NFL.

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