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NFL Quick Study: We Go In The Trenches To Review The 2019 Dallas Cowboys Offensive Line

The 2020 Dallas Cowboys Offensive line ranks 5th in the NFL according to our preseason Football Scout 365 NFL offensive line rankings.

Reviewing the 2019 Dallas Cowboys Offensive Line

In 2019, The Cowboys ran the football to the left or right edge (C, or D Gap) a combined 233 times averaging 5.4 yds per attempt. When running to the edge left (Tyron Smith) the cowboys averaged 5.4 yds per attempt, when running to the edge right (La'el Collins) the Cowboys averaged 5.3 yds per attempt.

Zeke Elliott Can Claim A Permanent Residence Status Between The Tackles

Zeke loves to run inside the A Gaps. In 2019, 22% of Zekes 300+ rush attempts occurred to the center's right or left hip. Zeke averaged 4.4 yds per rush attempt between the A Gaps.

What Do They Mean When They Refer To The Gaps On The Offensive Line?

Depending on the run-type or block scheme, plays like power or zone are better suited to be run at a specific look. Your coach will say, run a Power Right to the (1) technique (A-Gap), the players will understand the direction of the play call.

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