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NFL Week Four: High Impact Game of The Week Cowboys vs Browns Reviewed

Featured Analysis

High Impact Play Rate And Every Play Analysis

Our High Impact Game of The Week will highlight a different team each week during the NFL season by taking a more in-depth look at the matchup using our High Impact Play Rate analysis combined with our every play analysis.

What is High Impact Play Rate?

High Impact Play Rate accounts for big in-game moments such as sacks, turnovers, TFL's, and explosive plays. Our High Impact Play Rate analysis works as a diagnostic tool created to help identify the critical areas of focus when performing an every play film review.

What is an Every Play Analysis?

We created a customizable (to fit your needs) every play evaluation process made for coaches that analyzes every situation, from down & distance, field position, offensive and defensive personnel groupings, play type, and play area. The custom analysis process can use 70 different metrics, more or less, based on your needs.

Cowboys vs. Browns Game Report and Final Review.

Our High Impact Play game of the week featured the Dallas Cowboys vs. Cleveland Browns.

Player Matchup of The Week

Baker Mayfield: 19-30, 165 yds passing, 2TD's/1INT, 0 sacks, Rating: 100.00, 3 rush attempts for 6 yds, and 0 TD.

Dak Prescott: 41-58, 502 yds passing, 4 TD/1INT, 3 Sacks, Rating: 112.9, 2 rush attempts for 12 yds, and 0 TD's.

High Impact Play Rate Differential

Decision Of The Game

High Impact Player Of The Game

Miscellaneous Stats

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