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Pro Football Scout 365: Offensive Efficiency Rankings Examines Havoc Rate W/3rd Downs Not Converted.

What is Havoc Rate? Havoc Rate is a popular stat used to measure the aggressiveness of a defense by taking the total number of sacks, INT, fumbles recovered and dividing the total of all three by the total number of offensive/defensive plays. How can we use Havoc Rate to measure offensive/defensive efficiency? The answer is simple, the team with a lower havoc rate against their offense, does not allow sacks, INT's, fumbles and converts third downs. The opposite is Defensive Havoc Rate which takes the same stats (sacks, INT's, fumbles and 3rd down's not converted) divided by total defensive plays creating a defensive havoc rate. The obvious difference is that you want a higher havoc rate on defense.

Offensive Havoc Rate W/3rd Downs Not Converted Leader in 2018.

The 2018 New Orleans Saints led the NFL in Havoc Rate (13.47) W/3rd down's not converted (102) against their offense. The Saints allowed 20 sacks, but only threw 7 INT's and lost 7 Fumbles in 2018.

2018 NFL Offensive Efficiency Rankings


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