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Situational Analysis: 3rd and A Mile? No Problem For Tua.

Tua Tagovailoa has proven to be an exceptional talent and the most talented signal caller of the Nick Saban era at Alabama. I took a more in-depth look at Tua's first two games of 2018 as the Alabama starter, and his numbers so far are proving he is a true Heisman favorite.

Through the first Two Games of 2018 Tagavailoa has been extremely efficient in all phases, but the area that stands out the most are the third down and obvious passing situations more specifically third down and ten or more yards to go. Tua has faced seven third and ten situations in two games completing seven passes and converting six of the seven attempts.

His Points per opportunity is 257% (three TD's out of seven attempts). The most impressive stat is his 19.86 average yards per attempt. Only one of the charted seven passes thrown were underneath the sticks requiring yards after the catch to convert the third and long. All of the other attemps were at or beyond the sticks.

Tua shows good footwork when in the pocket, and exceptional pocket awareness. Two of the six completions that are gifted below Tagavailoa steps into the pocket driving deep while keeping his eyes downfield and throwing absolute darts.

WK2 Arkansas State: 1st QTR 5:04 3rd Down & 11 and in the same game WK2 Arkansas State: 1st QTR 1:37 3rd Down & 13 which is the best of the six with Tua sidestepping two defenders, he drives the pocket keeps his eyes downfield making a perfect NFL calibre throw to the sideline where only his receiver can make a play.

I put together gifs for all six of his conversions over the first two games of the season. They are in order. The very last play below is the best of the group.

WK1 Louisville: 1st QTR 13:54 3rd Dwn & 13

WK1 Louisville: 1st QTR 8:24 3rd Dwn & 10

WK1 Louisville: 2nd QTR :15 3rd Dwn & 10

WK2 Arkansas State: 1st QTR 5:04 3rd Dwn & 11

WK2 Arkansas State: 1st QTR 3:09 3rd Dwn & 11

WK2 Arkansas State: 1st QTR 1:37 3rd Dwn & 13


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