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The Fantasy Football Podcast: C.J. McLaughlin Provides his 2021 Fantasy Football Rankings

The Analysis

Football Scout 365 Analyst Brandon Lundberg and 5 Tool Sports Podcast Analyst CJ Mclaughlin are back with preseason NFL fantasy football player rankings.

CJ Mclaughlin breaks down his player ranking process, and we dive into his rankings by position covering the top 12 QB's, RB's, WR's and top 10 TE's.

CJ's Fantasy Player Preseason Ranking Dashboard Powered By Football Scout 365

The dashboard includes a comparison of Football Scout 365's preseason player rankings with CJ's top player rankings by position. We include the Football Scout 365 projected fantasy point totals and projected total volume (total opportunities, combined targets, and rush attempts).

2021 Football Scout 365 Fantasy Football Guide: All Fantasy Football Preseason Analysis In One Place

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