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Top 100 2024 NFL Draft Big Board Updated: Marvin Harrison Jr. Is The Top Prospect.

Tis the season, we have a list, we are checking it once, we are checking it twice. We have updated the 2024 NFL Draft Big Board from 50 prospects to now include 100 prospects. That means we are getting closer to the start of the NFL Draft season.

Some Notes About The NFL Draft Big Board Update

A few things to consider with this recent update. We still have to monitor and remove draft-eligible players that have yet to declare. I left a few in the rankings that are on the fence because we all know 20-year-old kids can change their minds at any moment.

Top 100 Big Board Rankings

Or you can scroll through the updated top 10 of the player rankings, but I advise you to check out the more in-depth draft board that includes each player's play style and scheme fit, player comparisons, and more.

Caleb Williams NFL Draft Big Board Profile

Below Are the Updated Top 10 Players Based On Their 2023 Grades.

No grade is final, but we have completed 80% of the process as we await the NFL Combine and Pro Day season.


 1). Marvin Harrison Jr.

  • Position: WR

  • School: Ohio State

  • Play Style/Scheme: Harrison Jr. is a prototypical outside receiver known for his precise route-running and reliable hands. He excels in schemes that leverage his ability to create separation and his understanding of defensive coverages, making him a consistent threat in various passing situations.

2). Joe Alt

  • Position: OT

  • School: Notre Dame

  • Play Style/Scheme: Alt's athleticism and technique shine in pass protection and run blocking. He's adaptable to various offensive line schemes, particularly those that value agile and technically sound tackles. His ability to handle speed rushers and his strength in the run game make him a versatile offensive line prospect.

3). Brock Bowers

  • Position: TE

  • School: Georgia

  • Play Style/Scheme: Bowers is a versatile, athletic tight end who excels in both the passing game and blocking. His scheme fit includes offenses that utilize the tight end as a primary receiver, given his route-running skills, speed, and ability to create mismatches against linebackers and safeties.

4). Keon Coleman

  • Position: WR

  • School: Florida State

  • Play Style/Scheme: Coleman is characterized as a "throwback" physical receiver with excellent body control and catching ability. His play style fits well in vertical passing offenses that leverage his size and ability to win contested catches.

5). Cooper DeJean

  • Position: CB

  • School: Iowa

  • Play Style/Scheme: DeJean's traits and style make him an ideal fit in defensive schemes that require versatile cornerbacks. He excels in zone coverage with his instinctive play and ball skills but also shows promise in man-to-man situations due to his agility and speed.

6). Caleb Williams

  • Position: QB

  • School: USC

  • Play Style/Scheme: Williams is an electrifying dual-threat quarterback with a strong arm and mobility. He fits best in offensive systems that can capitalize on his ability to make plays both in and outside of the pocket, utilizing his dynamic playmaking skills.

7). Olumuyiwa Fashanu

  • Position: OT

  • School: Penn State

  • Play Style/Scheme: Fashanu exhibits a play style characterized as technically sound and physically imposing. He is suited for offensive schemes that require reliable pass protection and effective run blocking, as he demonstrates proficiency in both areas.

8). J.C. Latham

  • Position: OT

  • School: Alabama

  • Play Style/Scheme: Latham, while still evolving as a player, possesses a blend of size, strength, and agility. He's a fit for offensive line schemes that value versatile tackles capable of excelling in both pass protection and run blocking.

9). Drake Maye

  • Position: QB

  • School: North Carolina

  • Play Style/Scheme: Maye is a mobile pocket passer with a strong arm and good decision-making skills. His best fit is in an offensive scheme that blends traditional pocket passing with the ability to extend plays and make throws on the move.

10). Laiatu Latu

  • Position: ED

  • School: UCLA

  • Play Style/Scheme: Latu's play style is characterized by his physicality and ability to disrupt the backfield. He is well-suited for defensive schemes that emphasize aggressive edge rushing and require players to be effective in both pass rush and run defense.


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