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Using the Advanced QB Throw Depth Report To ID the NFL's Top Deep Ball Passers Through 7 Weeks

What is Our NFL Advanced QB Throw Depth Report

The NFL Advanced Throw Depth Report analyzes QB success based on throw depth. Each throw depth varies, short throws (0-9 yds), medium throws (10-19 yds), and deep throws (20+ Yds).

The Analysis

This week, we take a look at the Advanced QB Throw Depth Report to identify the NFL's top deep ball passers. The three data points we will focus on are total deep ball yards, percentage of yards accumulated on throws of 20+ yards or more downfield, and deep passing completion rate.

Analysis Qualifier

*Minimum 50 total pass attempts

The Top QB's Total Yards Accumulated On Throws Of 20+ Yards or Longer.

The top total deep passing yard leaders on throws Of 20+ Yards or longer include Derek Carr (675), Matthew Stafford (665), Kyler Murray (605), Josh Allen (543), and Lamar Jackson (521). Lamar Jackson stands out on this list and if you didn't already know, the Ravens have been throwing the football at a higher rate in 2021 than in prior years with Lamar Jackson at QB. Lamar Jackson has also accumulated more deep passing yards than Patrick Mahomes.

The Top QB's With The Highest Rate of Deep Passing Yards

The QB's with the highest rate of deep passing yards is Russell Wilson (39%), Zach Wilson (36%), Kyler Murray (35%), Matthew Stafford (34%), and Josh Allen (34%). One notable player is Carson Wentz at 7th, amassing 31% of his total passing yards on deep throws. In this category, Patrick Mahomes is outside of the top ten so far this season, with 27% of his total yards coming from the deep ball, which might be a surprise to many.

The Top QB's With The Highest Deep Passing Completion Rate

The Top QB's with the Highest Deep Passing Completion rate so far include Kyler Murray (63%), Matthew Stafford (53%), Zach Wilson (52%), Jacoby Brissett (50%), and Russell Wilson (50%).

The QB's With The Lowest Deep Passing Completion Rate

Now let's take a look from the other side of the spectrum in regards to deep completion rate; we have Jared Goff (22%) last among all passers with at least 50 total pass attempts, followed by Jameis Winston (24%), Ryan Tannehill (28%), Big Ben (29%) and Davis Mills at (31%).


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