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Football coaches have limited time to operate and need to be efficient at all times. Football Scout 365 offers analytics-based solutions to help coaches save time and improve efficiencies. 


Our analytics solutions can provide a customized three-phase analytics process based on your specific needs using a combination of traditional and advanced analytics. 


High Impact Play Rate Analysis

Traditional analytics include video warehousing and exchange (Hudl, SkyCoach), with every play analysis used to identify your team's tendencies and opponents.

Video Capture (Traditional)

Play Action Pass Ryan Tannehill.png

Descriptive analytics uses video analysis to identify what has happened (past). The use of descriptive analytics allows you to determine your team's tendencies and opponents, such as the types of play calls your opponent uses while in 11 personnel, yards gained, and more. We use a padding technique (on paper first) during the video analysis process before processing the data through our High Impact Play rate analysis. 

Descriptive Analytics (Traditional)

Football Analytics Visual

Predictive analytics work to identify what will happen (the future) using analytic trend modeling and past case studies to identify similar scenarios and outcomes. Predictive analytics can be useful when you want to determine how your team matches up against your opponents. 

Predictive Analytics (Advanced)

Numbers, and analytics

Prescriptive analytics (What do we do next) uses a combination of Video, descriptive, and predictive analysis. The data used for prescriptive analytics assist coaches in making an actionable in-game decision (i.e., 4th and 1, should we go for it, punt, or kick the FG based on the in-game situation).

Prescriptive Analytics (Advanced)


High Impact Play Rate 

Descriptive Analysis

High Impact Play Rate is a diagnostic analysis used to identify where you should focus your coaching energy before performing a full video analysis. 

Situational Analysis

Descriptive and Predictive Analysis

The situational analysis uses video combined with a padding technique (every play drawn out on paper) before entering the data into the situational analysis tool. Once data has is entered, the situational analysis organizes every play of the game based on the situation. (i.e., how well your team and opponent performed based on different personnel packages).

Next Level 365

(Coming Soon) Prescriptive

Next Level 365 applies the data from both the High Impact Play Rate Analysis and the Situational Analysis to help you make better in-game decisions. We use an expected points model that can be applied to make important in-game decisions (i.e., 4th and 1, should we go for it, punt, or kick the FG based on the in-game situation, what are the consequences)?

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