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Jameson Williams


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In 2021, Jameson Williams displayed his high-level speed and versatility at the WR position. At Alabama, Williams played most of his snaps at the Z or slot, allowing him to get a free release. Williams can play the on-ball role when needed at the next level due to his quick release and hand usage, but he needs to improve his strength to win against more physical NFL defenders.

Williams is a savvy and smooth route runner; he can win underneath with slants, in-cuts, and curl routes. He does a great job locating the open areas of the field when facing zone coverage. He can win against man coverage by taking the top off with pure speed, using a double move, or quickly stemming a deep route into an open area to separate from a defender.

Williams is excellent after-the-catch. He can make defenders miss in space or a condensed area, or he can beat them to a spot with pure speed. He shows good strength to break tackles and pick up a few extra yards when needed. Jameson Williams displays good to great concentration when locating the football on deep throws. He can track the football at a high level and make adjustments mid-route to put himself in a position to make a play.

Once at the NFL level, Williams will need to improve his overall strength, which will help him to defeat physical NFL level DB's when challenged in press coverage. Williams has successfully beaten press coverage at the college level using initial speed and quickness. If he only improves marginally, He will quickly separate himself from all of the WR's in this talented 2022 class. He is also an excellent special teams player, covering punts as a gunner while at Alabama.