Scouting and Analytics Designed With The Coach In Mind

Now more than ever, the use of analytics plays a vital role in the game of football. With all of the data available via multiple solutions, it can be expensive, and the process of mining your data in-house can be a time consuming and overwhelming process that can put a lot of stress on coaches, analysts, and other support staff. The idea behind the Football Scout 365 brand is to create a low-cost analytics solution for coaches at all levels. Our entire process revolves around your needs. We know that there is no one size fits all data analytics solution. We aim to work with you to build a streamlined process with easy to understand standard operating procedures that meet your needs.

Marketing Solutions For Athletes, Coaches, Scouts, and Analysts

Whether you are a football coach, athlete, or someone who has never played football, we can help you build on your passion for the game equipping you with the tools necessary to develop and grow your brand. ​

Easy to Understand NFL, CFB, and Fantasy Football Analysis Built For The Average Fan

We post daily analysis on social media and the Football Scout 365 website. Check out our tools and analytics page for our latest NFL, CFB, and Fantasy Football analysis.

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