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We Offer Tailored Football Scouting Reports For NFL, College and Other Professional Football Leagues


In the world of professional sports, making informed decisions is crucial for success. This holds especially true for football teams at all levels, from the NFL to college and beyond. The ability to evaluate players accurately and comprehensively is a game-changer in building winning teams. At Football Scout 365, we provide cutting-edge, film-based, data-driven football scouting reports that cater to the needs of NFL, college, and other professional football teams.

Comprehensive Scouting Reports

Our scouting reports go beyond the surface-level analysis, delving deep into the intricacies of player performance. Each report is meticulously crafted by our Football Scouts, who review a minimum of four games and capture up to 40 points of data specific to the player's position. This comprehensive approach allows us to encapsulate every pertinent detail necessary for making informed decisions in player evaluation.

Scout School 365 (Launching Soon)

Every Football Scout 365 evaluator, whether prospective or existing, will have the chance to engage in a distinctive learning program designed to bolster their talent identification abilities. We are in the process of constructing a set of comprehensive online courses structured around our existing methodology and tutored by active and retired NFL scouts.

Check out the Football Scout 365 NFL Draft Big Board Player Rankings for non-commercial customers.

The Scouting Report Progression

Initial Scouting Report Analysis

The progression of our scouting reports begins with an initial player overview. This overview encompasses a comprehensive high school scouting report detailing the player's achievements, accolades, and background. We delve into the player's recruitment journey, shedding light on the universities they considered and the factors influencing their decision-making process. Additionally, we provide valuable insights into the player's family sports history, uncovering potential influences and athletic lineage.

Film Review and Data Collection

To provide a holistic assessment, our scouts conduct in-depth film analysis. We thoroughly examine the player's performance and skills displayed in various game footage. This process allows us to observe the player's mechanics, decision-making abilities, and overall football IQ. We employ advanced data resources from the industry's top providers alongside the film review. This data-driven approach offers objective insights into the player's statistical performance, strengths, weaknesses, and areas of potential improvement.

The Final Scouting Report

The culmination of our scouting process is the final scouting report. In this stage, we integrate the observations from the film analysis with the quantitative data analysis. The result is a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of the player's abilities, potential, and areas of focus. Our final scouting report offers decision-makers a detailed overview that empowers them to make informed choices in team building, drafting, and player acquisitions.

Example Scouting Report: Caleb Williams

Initial Analysis Example

Quick Details

  • Position: Quarterback

  • Universities: USC, Oklahoma

  • Measurements: 6'1", 218 lbs

  • High School: Gonzaga College High School

  • Location: Washington, D.C.

High School Scouting Report: Caleb Williams enjoyed a distinguished career at Gonzaga College High School, where he received numerous recognitions. In 2019, he was awarded the D.C. Gatorade Football Player of the Year, and he was a finalist for the National Gatorade Player of the Year. His leadership and skills were instrumental in Gonzaga's state championship victory during his junior year, leading to him being honored as the Washington Post's All-Met Offensive Player of the Year.

Sports Participation: While football is his primary focus, Williams also showcased his athletic versatility by participating in track and field during high school.

Family Athletic History: Not Applicable

Recruitment Rating: Caleb Williams was considered a top-tier 5-star recruit, garnering significant attention from elite Division 1 football programs.

National Player Ranking: According to the 247 Sports Composite Rankings, Williams was rated as the top dual-threat quarterback and the 6th overall player nationally in the 2021 recruitment class.

College Offers: Williams received over 20 offers from prestigious Division 1 football programs. After careful consideration, he ultimately committed to the University of Oklahoma.

High School Summary: Caleb Williams is an extraordinary talent who excelled at the high school level. His impressive list of accolades and leadership qualities demonstrated his ability to elevate his team's performance. Alongside his football prowess, Williams showcased versatility by participating in track and field. As a highly sought-after recruit, he had the luxury of choosing from numerous college offers before ultimately deciding to join the University of Oklahoma. His exceptional athleticism and football acumen hint at a promising future in the NFL.

Data Analysis Example


When Under Pressure

  • In 2022, Caleb Williams faced pressure on 32% of his dropbacks, ranking 10th among all quarterbacks.

Keeping A Play Alive

  • Among quarterbacks with 100+ pressured dropbacks, Williams excelled at extending plays, averaging 3.05 seconds before making a decision or taking off to pick up a first down, ranking 5th.

  • He ranked 8th nationally in total first downs when under pressure, converting 75 such plays.

On Target Throws In A Clean Or Dirty Pocket

  • Despite facing pressure, Caleb Williams maintained a solid on-target throw rate of 66% in 2022.

  • He completed 79% of his passes in a clean pocket, placing him 27th nationally.

Big Time Throws

  • Caleb Williams made 32 big-time throws in 2022, ranking 4th among FBS quarterbacks, whether pressured or not.

  • Under pressure, he recorded 13 big-time throws, one less than Drake Maye, both among the top 5 quarterbacks in making such throws.

Bad Decisions

  • Williams made 11 late or risky throws into traffic in 2022, indicating room for improvement in decision-making.

Three Level Accuracy

  • Short (0-9yds depth): Caleb Williams completed 85% of his short throws in 2022. While only 32% of his total throws were attempted at this level, his yards per attempt ranked in the top 20. Improved timing and accuracy could further enhance his efficiency in this area.

  • Intermediate Throws (10-19yds depth): 23% of Williams' total throws were in the intermediate range, a critical measure of accuracy in the NFL. His on-target throw rate of 65% was similar to Drake Maye's 66%, with both quarterbacks ranking among the top 20 in this category.

  • Deep (20+ yds depth): Among quarterbacks with at least 50 attempts, Williams achieved an on-target throw rate of 48% on deep throws, ranking 14th in the FBS. Drake Maye ranked 4th with a 53% on-target throw rate in comparison.

As a Runner

  • In 2022, Caleb Williams showcased his running abilities, accumulating 58 rush attempts for 624 sack-adjusted rush yards and scoring 10 rushing touchdowns.

  • He displayed elusiveness in space, forcing 36 missed tackles, and exhibited toughness by gaining 359 rush yards after contact.

  • Williams achieved 42 total first downs through his running ability.

As a Passer

  • In 2022, Caleb Williams demonstrated excellent ball security, posting an elite touchdown-to-interception ratio of 42:5.

  • He threw for 4,539 yards, ranking in the top 5, while maintaining a 67% completion rate.

Final Scouting Report Example

Career Overview: Caleb Williams is a dynamic dual-threat quarterback, seamlessly blending arm talent, athleticism, and football intelligence. His ability to adapt to different offensive systems was evident when he transferred from Oklahoma to USC, where he thrived. Williams possesses the potential to become a premier NFL quarterback, given his remarkable skill set and adaptability.

Mechanics: Williams boasts solid throwing mechanics, characterized by a quick and compact release that enables rapid ball delivery. His footwork within the pocket is generally consistent, although occasional lapses occur under pressure. Notably, he maintains sound mechanics even when on the move.

Football IQ: Football intelligence is a defining strength for Williams. He exhibits a deep understanding of the game, evident in his ability to read defenses, make effective line-of-scrimmage adjustments, and navigate progressions smoothly. While generally making sound decisions, he occasionally forces throws into tight coverage, an area that can be further refined.

Arm Strength: Williams possesses top-tier arm strength, enabling him to execute all NFL throws with velocity and precision. His arm strength allows him to fit the ball into tight windows, a crucial asset at the NFL level.

Arm Angles: Versatility in throwing angles is another weapon in Williams' arsenal. He can deliver the ball effectively from various arm angles, showcasing the flexibility to make accurate throws in unconventional situations. Combined with his mobility, this makes him a challenging quarterback to defend against.

Three-Level Accuracy: Williams exhibits impressive accuracy across all three levels of the field—short, intermediate, and deep. His ability to place the ball accurately and vary touch on deep passes stands out as a significant strength.

Speed/Agility: As a legitimate dual-threat quarterback, Williams possesses excellent speed and agility. He can extend plays with his legs and poses a constant threat as a runner in open space. Additionally, his pocket mobility allows him to evade pass rushers effectively.

Play Style and Scheme Fit: Williams is a dynamic playmaker, equally comfortable executing plays as a pocket passer and a scrambler. His adaptability makes him an asset in various offensive schemes, although an offense that maximizes his dual-threat capabilities and arm talent would be optimal. His ability to improvise and make plays on the run would be particularly valuable in schemes featuring roll-outs, bootlegs, and run-pass options.

Player Comparisons: Williams' style of play draws comparisons to Russell Wilson due to his blend of mobility, arm strength, and football IQ. Like Wilson, Williams excels at extending plays with his legs while keeping his focus downfield. Furthermore, his deep ball accuracy and touch resemble aspects of Patrick Mahomes' game.

Summary: Caleb Williams is one of the most electrifying quarterback prospects in recent years. With his exceptional combination of arm talent, mobility, and football intelligence, he possesses all the necessary attributes to thrive as an NFL quarterback. His ability to adapt to different offensive systems and make plays under pressure further enhances his value. With the right development, Williams has the potential to become a franchise quarterback at the NFL level.

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At Football Scout 365, we take pride in providing unparalleled football scouting reports that deliver the insights needed for successful team building. Our comprehensive approach, combining film analysis and data-driven evaluation, ensures that decision-makers receive a detailed assessment of players' abilities, potential, and areas of focus. Whether it's commercial pro customers, college programs, or professional sports teams, our scouting reports cater to the needs of all levels of the sport.

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