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A dynamic athlete that excels at every sport he has ever played. Hamilton received a basketball scholarship at the age of 15. His athletic acumen stretches further; Hamilton tried out for Lacrosse, having never played the sport in high school where he would make the team and get significant playing time. According to his brother Tyler, Kyle is also an excellent golfer who can hit a two-iron nearly 300 yards.

The Hamilton bloodlines are tried and true. His mother, Jackie, who excelled academically and as an artist before becoming an HR manager for a marketing firm, mentioned in an interview referenced on the ND Insider website that Kyle is a Mensa member. The Mensa organization recognizes people who score within the upper two percent of an approved intelligence test. Kyle backed up his Mensa bona fides by scoring a 30 on his ACT. Hamiltons father was a star basketball player at the University of Southern Mississippi, a third-round pick in the 1988 NBA Draft, and a professional basketball player overseas for more than a decade.

As a football player, Hamilton is long and rangy safety who possesses outstanding speed for a player who stands at 6-4, 220lbs. He has excellent on-field awareness, playing with great instincts. According to his former trainer, in Atlanta, at the age of 18, Hamilton registered a 40-inch vertical, and he jumped free-standing (no approach step) a 55-inch box jump. Hamilton provides incredible range covering a lot of grass in a hurry; he is a good tackler in space and offers excellent three-level support. He is a lengthy, physical player who provides a positionless chess piece at the NFL level.