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2020 NFL Position Group Grades

How We Grade Position Groups

We use the A, B, C grade school scale to grade each position group based on several variables. The essential variables we look for when grading include, the performance level of the starters, and the performance level of those on the bench. We grade higher based on whether you have an elite level starter combined with depth. For example, if you have one elite level wide receiver and two additional above average to good starters with one or two above-average bench players, you will be graded an A because you have an elite starter and good depth.

When a team has an identical grade, for example, Team A has an A- and Team B has an A-, we break the tie using the situational team rating. The team with the highest situational team rating will be ranked higher. The situational team rating is the average of all combined position group grades.

Preseason Offensive Position Group Rankings



Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

Offensive Line

Preseason Defensive Position Group Rankings

Defensive Line

Defensive Ends




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